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Federal, State and Local IT Managers Develop Solutions to Intergovernmental Challenges

GSA # 9446

October 31, 1997
Contact: Bill Bearden
(202) 501-1231

Washington, DC -- In recognition of the need for increased intergovernmental collaboration and education, the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils (FGIPC) has established the Intergovernmental Advisory Board (IAB) to help bridge the gap between Federal, state and local governments and to educate IT professionals nationwide on solutions to intergovernmental challenges.

These information technology managers are developing a new program to educate 50,000 IT professionals nationwide on the complexities of managing across governments. Due to national policies, citizens demands for better and seamless service from their governments, and the possibilities provided by technology, developing solutions to intergovernmental challenges is now an important issue being discussed by government IT officials.

Frank McDonough, deputy associate administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration's Office of Intergovernmental Solutions in the Office of Governmentwide Policy, has accepted the invitation to chair the group. The IAB enjoys participation from all levels of government with nine members -- three from each level of government.

Federal government is represented by:
� Ronald Collison, Associate Commissioner of the Information Resources Management, Immigration and Naturalization Service at the U.S. Department of Justice;
� Allan Doris, Director of Information Management, Financial Management Service at the U.S. Department of Treasury; and
� Gregory Rothwell, Assistant Commissioner of Procurement, Internal Revenue Service at the U.S. Department of Treasury.

State governments are represented by:
� Michael Hale, Chief Information Officer for the State of Georgia;
� Carolyn Purcell, Executive Director, Department of Information Resources for the State of Texas; and
� Tom Davies, Vice President for Federal Sources.

Representing local governments are:
� Winifred Lyday, Director, Department of Information Technology for the National Association of Counties (NACo);
� George November, Director for the Office of Technology and Information Services for Arlington County, Virginia; and
� Forrest Doupnik from Howard County, Maryland. The IAB is proud to have the participation from such an illustrious group.

Through its diverse membership, the IAB identifies intergovernmental priorities for FGIPC and its Councils. Priorities are selected that have the potential to provide improved service to U.S. citizens through intergovernmental cooperation and awareness. FGIPC will weave these priorities into its broader education programs.

As its first area of focus, the IAB has selected innovative funding techniques. Funding IT investments, especially in state and local governments has become a challenge. Many governmental organizations are funding their IT initiatives in innovative ways such as the use of specific taxes or bonds for IT, public/private partnerships, and grants and funds from the sale of seized assets.

Serving as a leader in the information technology arena since 1979, FGIPC promotes communications among IT managers at all levels of government and industry. With access to over 50,000 IT professionals nationwide, it has an unusual reach in terms of geography and supporters with contacts in all agencies in Washington, DC and across the country, making it a valuable vehicle to promote intergovernmental collaboration.

For additional information on IAB's initiatives, contact Vivian Ronen, by e-mail at or call (202) 501-1133.

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