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GSA Releases WITS2001 Request for Proposals

GSA # 9508

August 12, 1998
Contact: Bill Bearden (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. General Services Administration, Federal Technology Service (FTS) has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for its Washington Interagency Telecommunications System 2001 (WITS2001) contract.

"We believe the WITS2001 contract offers an excellent opportunity for industry to step in with fresh approaches and aggressive strategies to compete effectively, and will encourage vigorous competition while moving away from government ownership of communications infrastructure," said FTS Commissioner Dennis Fischer. "This contract supports our short and long-term goal to move towards a pure service environment for the delivery of advanced communications services to government users."

The contract is intended to provide up-to-date and cost-effective communications services to all federal agencies and other authorized users in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The government expects to offer its customers a wide range of services from analog and digital switched voice, to advanced data services and robust Internet Access Service (IAS) that will offer agencies Internet- and Intranet-oriented services and access arrangements. In addition, the contract requires the incorporation of new, innovative services as they become commercially available, ensuring that WITS2001 stays current in the face of rapid technical and market evolution.

"The WITS2001 contract will be the largest of the Metropolitan Area Acquisition procurements," said Sandy Bates, FTS Deputy Commissioner. "The National Capital Region represents one of the largest communities of Federal government users in the nation, with the most sophisticated local communications needs. This contract will result in a vehicle with the flexibility and scope to support government cooperation and innovation well into the next century."

The contract will use the government's significant investment in network assets, while increasing its use of contractor-provided services. The contract's hybrid offering in the area of service and operations, administration, and maintenance requirements reflects a strong customer focus. The contractor will be required to use and maintain government furnished equipment, while also providing services via the contractor's owned or leased assets on an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) basis to all federal clients in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. As part of this solicitation, GSA intends to work with the contractor to increase the WITS program's share of the federal data services market in the National Capital Region. This will include such service offerings as circuit switched data, dedicated transmission, asynchronous transfer mode, frame relay, switched multi-megabit data and other services.

The solicitation (WTT-98-PW-N-001) is available via the Internet at Proposals are due by Monday, October 19, 1998. For additional information about the solicitation, telephone contracting officer Paulette Ward at (703) 610-2569. Trisha Sitnik, WITS2001Program Manager, can be reached at (202) 708-6911.

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