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GSA Aids Rescue and Recovery, Helps Restore Government Offices After Sept. 11 Attacks

GSA # 9878

September 21, 2001
Contact: Office of Communications
(202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Within minutes of the tragic bombings in New York City and at the Pentagon last week, the U.S. General Services Administration immediately joined state and local officials in the rescue and recovery efforts. GSA closed federal buildings across the country, ramped up its security and began helping government agencies reestablish their operations.

As word of these attacks spread, GSA associates across America joined their colleagues in New York and Washington, D.C. to assist the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other Federal agencies with the recovery and restoration of operations.

"My heart goes out to the victims and their families," said GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry. "I have been at the damaged sites. They capture both the worst and best of the human spirit. I saw both the destruction and the determination to rescue, recover and rebuild. I have visited GSA associates in New York City and Washington, and I am impressed with their strong spirits and the care, expertise and commitment they are showing as they help with the recovery efforts."

Administrator Perry said that GSA associates across the country are participating in blood drives and donating money. He also credited GSA industry partners with ensuring a smooth delivery of services and products.

Since the attacks, GSA-operated buildings have remained in a heightened state of alert, with new security tools, some not visible. Federal workers, visitors and the general public entering Federal buildings may experience some inconvenience because of increased security checks.

GSA established command centers in New York City and Washington to begin supplying space, telecommunications and other services, equipment and supplies to recovery and response operations.

GSA's Office of FirstGov introduced a web site, "U.S. Government Responds to September 11," to provide information for federal workers and the public in New York and Washington D.C. Also available on, is information about GSA's response efforts.

GSA continues fulfilling requests for space, goods and services and the following is a sampling of those services being provided for rescue and recovery efforts since Sept. 11:

New York City

more than 1.5 million square feet of office and warehouse space for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other displaced Federal agencies;
65,000 protective suits;
5,000 face masks;
3,000 respirators;
1,000 entrenching tools ;
400 vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers), delivered or available; and transportation service
500 phone sets;
250 cell phones;
1,500 lapel pins depicting the American flag and World Trade Center towers;
more than 770 parking spaces;
aerial photography and video services;
computers and laptops;
bus service; and
security services.

Pentagon, Northern Virginia

more than 800,000 square feet of space for Department of Defense displaced workers in the Washington area;
approximately 1,200 telephone, 2,000 data lines and service
more than 1,600 parking spaces
more than 2,000 computers - PCs and laptops;
more than 2,000 office starter kits (disks, staplers, pens, Post-Its, etc.);
1,200 pieces of office furniture and equipment;
300 FAX machines and photocopiers;
1,600 trash cans;
security services.

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