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White House Conference on Teenagers Shown at GSA

GSA #9681

April 28, 2000
Contact: Peggy Strain (202) 501-1231

Washington, DC -- "The White House Conference on Teenagers: Raising Responsible and Resourceful Youth," a teleconference, will be shown at the U.S. General Services Administration auditorium Tuesday, May 2, from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., and is free to the public.

The teleconference will feature some of the nation's leading experts on raising teenagers and will delve into issues that include new research that preteen years are as important as the first three years of life and set patterns for adult behavior and success. The changing demographics of today's youth, which is the most diverse group of teenagers in history, also will be a focus.

The program also will center upon the perceptions and realities about the role parents play in the lives of their teenage children; the risks, challenges and anxieties faced by today's teens and the impact of new media on youth and parenting. In addition, what parents, communities and young people can do to avoid risk behaviors and build a safe path to adulthood also will be discussed.

Educators, teens and their parents, youth workers, foundation leaders, researchers and policymakers will attend the conference in the East Room of the White House, which will be broadcast via satellite to locations around the country such as the GSA auditorium at 18th and F streets, NW in Washington.

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