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GSA Consolidates Real Estate Rules

GSA #9782

January 31, 2001
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Malcolm Saldanha (202) 501-1231

Washington, DC -- For the first time in 29 years, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has consolidated federal real property regulations in one rule, published Jan. 18 in the Federal Register (66 FR 5358).

"The new, consolidated rule, will save time, not only because it is in one place, but also because it is easier to read and understand," said Stanley Langfeld, Director of GSA's Real Property Policy Division, who led the effort. "As the government becomes more complex, we must be vigilant in our efforts to keep rules simple. We are here to serve, not challenge employees, contractors, clients and the public. That's why we wrote it in the easily understood question-and-answer style used in the private sector."

The new rule will be a boon to GSA's tenants, said Assistant Commissioner Paul Lynch, who heads the agency's Office of Business Performance.

"We want our tenants to be able to work with GSA in a business-friendly environment," Lynch said. "The new rule gives our tenants what they need to know, removing extraneous information and enabling them to spend their time on their agencies' missions."

The rule is available at the Federal Register website: It will also be available at the Government Printing Office.

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