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Fifth Class of IRM Graduates Receive Recognition from GSA

GSA #9530

November 2, 1998
Contact: Eleni Martin (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON, DC -- The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) honored its fifth graduating class of students from the 1,000 by the Year 2000 IRM education program on October 22.

The education program is open to all Federal agencies. It is a partnership between GSA and academia created to help employees keep up to date on changes in the field of IRM. GSA and the participating universities each award graduates an IRM certificate after they have completed six graduate level courses that provide a common background in IRM, information technology and information management. As the program title implies, the intent is to have 1,000 information management professionals trained by the year 2000.

Designed to prepare the government's next generation of IRM leaders, the GSA 1,000 by the Year 2000 program offers Federal employees graduate-level courses at 29 universities and colleges nationwide. More than 700 Federal employees are registered in the program work in various areas in government including: telecommunications, computers, contracting, financial, network management, IRM operations, engineering, security, and systems.

The 1998 certificate graduates were: Steve Finsterle, Ronald J. Hebert, Christopher Palmieri, Louis J. Damiano, and Jackson C. Pharris II, Department of Defense; Lily F. Ho, Margaret Clifton, Celia D. Barnes, Dennis S. Joyner, and Matthew T. Allaire, Department of the Army; Youngsim Leigh and Kathleen M. Eighmey, Library of Congress; Christine M. Costello, Department of Justice; Harry W. Atkinson, Jr., Phillip L. Barber, Linda L. Beaty, Eugene L. Bonos, Donald C. Brasek, Kannatis Crawford, Kristine D. Curtis, Ashok Datt, Jessie Davis, Betty Sue Doffermyer, Paul D. Farrance, Richard Ferguson, Karen K. Grigg, Leonard Johnson, Katherine L. Kemerer, Tina M. LeBlanc, William L. Lively, Jr., Ronald Mock, Ida L. Moore, Yogesh Shah, Diane P. Smith, Raymond F. Cwenar, Douglas R. Smith, and Maxine Hill, General Services Administration; Zalmai Azmi, Albert DeCady, Noreen L. Ferrante, Jean R. Homere, Thomas O. Kenton, Emmanuel R. Macalalad, and Blaine W. Whitten, Department of Commerce; Taddeus Steinberg, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Paula L. Rubin, Department of Treasury; Dave G. Proctor, Richard C. Foster, Pamela J. King, William A. Leanza, Matthew B. Razler, and Stephen D. Cattie, Department of the Navy; Nathan Faut, Lynn W. Dennie, Jena O.York-Jolley, and Ernestyne H. Watkins; Department of Health and Human Services; Ashwani K. Ramamurty, and Craig Waverka, Department of the Air Force; and Gary S. Weiss, Social Security Administration.

"Most important," said Taddeus Steinberg of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, "the 1,000 By The Year 2000 Program allowed me, and I'm sure the other graduates, to make a greater contribution on the job because it has prepared us for the IT challenges of the next millennium." In addition to certificates, recognition was given to the following students who completed their Master's Degrees: Steve Finsterle Christopher J. Palmieri, Jr., Louis J. Damiano, Alexander Kolibabek, Jackson Pharris, II, Ervin T. Logan, Anthony D. West, and Deborah L. Loudon, Department of Defense; Lily Ho, Margaret Clifton, James H. McBrayer, Dennis S. Joyner, and Robert H. Meyer, Department of the Army; Jessica L. Spencer, and Leroy Stewart, Department of the Air Force; Joan S. Weeks, Library of Congress; Francis Sims, Scott A. Bernard, and Kisan Pandit, Department of the Navy; Zalmai Azmi, Albert Decady, Jean R. Homere, Thomas O. Kenton, Allen M. Fisher, and Rita G. Casazza, Department of Commerce; Jim Ungvarsky, General Accounting Office; Michael W. Carleton, and Gay A. Morris, Department of Health and Human Services; Karen G. Deneroff and Marion Georgieff, Department of the Treasury; Dennis J. Egan, Department of Agriculture; Ellen K. Findley, Department of the Interior; Dale A. Hamilton, Department of Transportation; Iona Calhoun, and Diane McSears, General Services Administration.

Dr. Joan Steyaert, Deputy Associate Administrator for Information Technology presented a Special Recognition Award to David L. Burt Director of the George Washington university Crystal City Education Center for his diligence in supporting the GSA 1,000 by the Year 2000 Graduate Certificate and Master's Degree Program from its inception. Burt worked across departments within the university to develop the best IRM program for Federal employees as a result of student suggestions to make class instruction more relevant.

Graduates participated in programs at Capitol College, Catholic University, Central Michigan University, Drexel University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, Marymount, University, National Defense University, Syracuse University, Temple University, and the University of Maryland.

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