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GSA Announces New Repair and Alterations Test Program

GSA #9389

March 13, 1997
Contact: Hap Connors
(202) 501-1231
Tom Wisnowski
(202) 501-4973

WASHINGTON, D.C.--As part of its "Can't Beat GSA Space Alterations" initiative, the U.S. General Services Administration will launch a new test program for procurement of construction services by its Public Buildings Service that aims to be better, cheaper and faster for federal agencies.

Under the program, which begins next month and will run for two years, GSA will establish lists of pre-qualified small business firms for repair and alteration projects costing between $2,000 and $100,000. The program will be periodically evaluated and will include select geographic locations.

In making the announcement, acting GSA Administrator David J. Barram said, "The goal of this test is to cut costs, paperwork and lead time in the procurement of construction services ."

The new procedures have been authorized by the Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget, and will benefit both contractors and the federal government. The program and qualification requirements for inclusion on the pre-qualified lists will be published quarterly in the Commerce Business Daily. When requirements arise, quotes from pre-qualified vendors will be solicited electronically by e-mail or facsimile, and vendors will also be paid electronically.

GSA provides housing, supplies, transportation and telecommunications services for nearly every department in the federal government. Through its Public Buildings Service, GSA manages more than 255 million square feet of office space in 8,329 facilities, providing centralized management, procurement services and quality work environments for over 1 million federal employees.

The new test procurement program is an outgrowth of the "Can't Beat GSA Space Alterations" program. That initiative began late last year in an effort to reinvent GSA's repairs and alterations services by cutting up to 60% off traditional delivery schedules; improving responsiveness and flexibility, and offering money-back guarantees to federal agency customers.

GSA regional coordinators in the following locations can be contacted for more information on the upcoming test program:

Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire: Donna Maffeo (617) 565-6012
Upstate New York: Frank Santella (315) 448-0923
Selected areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware: Lilianna Delbonifro (215) 656-6103
Birmingham, Alabama: Joy V. Walker (205) 731-0135, ext. 31
Madison, Wisconsin: John McCrum (414) 297-3035
State of Kansas: Larry Pierce (913) 295-2500
Selected areas in Louisiana: Doug Hamilton (817) 334-2555
State of Montana: Tom Jans (303) 236-1770, ext. 224
Selected areas in California: Erica Wulf-Kamaka (415) 522-3401
Northeast Washington State and locations in Northern Idaho: Linda Sample (206) 931-7338

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