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GSA Awards First Annual Federal Mail Best Practice Awards

GSA # 9691

June 8, 2000
Contact: Eleni Martin
(202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. General Services Administration presented its First Annual Best Practice Awards. Awards were presented in two categories -- the Federal Mail Manager of the Year and the Federal Mail Center of Expertise. These awards honor Federal employees who have demonstrated a strong commitment to innovative policies and/or practices in mail communications.

Leonard A. Bartels, Official Mail Manager, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), received the Federal Mail Manager of the Year. Bartels decentralized budgeting and payment for postage to the user level in 1990. Over the ten years since, DoD's annual postage cost per employee declined 38 percent. During the same period, the total amount spent by DoD for postage declined from $254 million to $108 million, a drop of more than 57 percent.

The winner of the Federal Mail Center Excellence is the the Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters Mail Services Team. Members of the team are Mary R. Anderson, Alvan Majors, and Tony Nellums. DOE's Headquarters Mail Services Team was instrumental in a number of important initiatives, including the consolidation of express mail, distribution and internal mail services; alignment of equipment according to the steps involved in sorting, counting, and packaging; nationwide implementation of commercialization of postage; and the nationwide decentralization of postal accounts. These initiatives resulted in annual savings of $245,000.

Honorable mentions were presented to Ed Sias of the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Transportation and Sallye Benecke and Forest Flickinger, Kansas City South Property Management Center GSA and special recognition was given to the Groupware and Messaging Team, Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Key judging criteria consisted of implementing effective performance measurement tools, instituting better business practices, promoting efficiencies in mail processes, providing and
improving excellent customer service, and reducing overall mail cost.

The judges were: Gerald Barnes, Assistant Director, Postal Issues, U.S. General Accounting Office; Gene DelPolito, Ph.D., President, Association for Postal Commerce; Lance Humphries, Managing Director, MailCom Conference and Exhibition; Jack Kelly, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Management and Budget; Robert Taub, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, Subcommittee on the Postal Service, and Ann Wright, Manager Strategic Marketing, U.S. Postal Service.

Summaries of the Best Practices will be posted on the GSA web site at

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