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GSA Offers X.500 On-line Directory Service Worldwide

GSA #9422

July 2, 1997
Contact: Hap Connors
(202) 501-1231
John Thomas
(202) 501-0306

WASHINGTON, DC - In support of the National Performance Review's mandate to make government more widely accessible to the American people, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has implemented a X.500 Directory for GSA services. Public access to the X.500 directory is available worldwide through the Internet.

Produced by GSA's Office of the Chief Information Officer, the directory uses the X.500 standard for distributed electronic directories. The standard sets the ground rules for access to electronic directories maintained by sites around the world, creating a virtual worldwide directory of electronic mail addresses. The X.500 standard is an integral part in the wide distribution of electronic messaging and secure electronic commerce.

"Because so many business activities are being transacted through electronic means, there is a need in GSA for a directory service that allows us to cross borders and helps us become more available to the global on-line world," said David J. Barram, Administrator of GSA.

The GSA X.500 directory is linked to the governmentwide X.500 prototype that was developed in 1995 by the Governmentwide Electronic Messaging Program Office, part of GSA's Federal Telecommunications Service.

"Our X.500 directory service will make GSA and the federal government more accessible to citizens and to our customers. Using the Internet from anywhere in the world, our customers can locate GSA employees, their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, " said Joe M. Thompson, GSA's Chief Information Officer.

The X.500 Directory is compiled from the GSA Personnel Information Database, the GSA Intranet based Phone Book application and GSA's National E-Mail Directory. It contains listings for all GSA government employees, including work phone numbers and addresses, as well as e-mail addresses. The GSA X.500 Directory can be found at

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