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Federal CIO Council Releases 2001 Strategic Plan

GSA #9743

October 2, 2000
Contact: Eleni Martin (202) 501-1231

Richmond, Virginia -- Today, at the Executive Leadership Conference in Richmond, Virginia, the Federal Chief Information Officers Council released its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year 2001. The plan, reflects the Council's view of critical, cross cutting IT issues and is built on the vision of "Better government through better use of information, people, and technology."

The vision encompasses six strategic themes which are the focus for the Council's goals. The first theme, "Connecting Citizens," emphasizes improving citizen access to government through Internet-based technologies. The second theme, "Interoperability and Innovation" focuses on the need for the services and infrastructure of today's government to be seamless. "Security and Reliability," the third theme, highlights the importance of the privacy of personal information and the protection of information assets. Two themes, "Skills and Resources" and "Managed Investments," stress the importance of the government's human and capital resources. The last theme. "Collaboration and Awareness," emphasizes the Council's desire to establish effective partnerships with its stakeholder organizations.

These themes provide the basis for goals which are defined as end states or environments. Objectives and actions associated with the goals will be addressed primarily by Federal agencies in order to achieve the strategic vision.

Jim Flyzik, the Vice Chair of the Council, described this year's Strategic Plan as "a roadmap to a better government focused on citizen needs." Flyzik added "Electronic government brings information technology to the top of the priority list. From now on, there are no barriers, only challenges."

For more information on the Strategic Plan or the Council's activities, contact any of the members of the Council's Executive Committee or its Outreach Committee. Contact information and the Strategic Plan is at

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