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GSA Administrator Commends Bush's Homeland Security Proposal

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June 7, 2002
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Washington, DC - GSA Administrator Stephen Perry today praised President Bush's proposal for the new Department of Homeland Security, calling it, "Bold and decisive action that will improve the security of the nation and give us continuing confidence in the determination of government to provide for our safety."

GSA will be a key contributor to development of the new department. The agency's Federal Protective Service will be transferred to the new department's Border and Transportation Division. The Federal Computer Incident Response Center (FedCIRC) will become part of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Division. Legislation to effect these changes should be introduced by the end of this month and action is expected by the end of the year.

Since September 11, GSA has worked closely with all levels of government to strengthen national security. The agency's Federal Protective Service has tightened security requirements at federal buildings and FedCIRC has increased its collaborative efforts with various government agencies in order to coordinate infrastructure protection strategies.

"As the President has said, we are facing threats from an invisible enemy that has no compunction about attacking innocent men, women and children," Perry said. "We at GSA have been working to do our part to prevent these cowardly acts. And with the new Department of Homeland Security, the efforts of all departments and agencies contributing to the war on terrorism will be truly focused and better coordinated."

The Federal Protective Service:

  • Provides law enforcement and security to more than 8,000 owned and leased buildings and to approximately 1 million federal employees and visitors to these buildings.
  • Uses nearly 7,000 contract guards with a small civil service force of 512 uniformed personnel.
  • Is comprised of police officers, criminal investigators, and physical security specialists.
  • Has a $445 million budget (FY '02).

Federal Computer Incident Response Center:

  • Provides a central focal point to ensure the government has critical services available in order to withstand or quickly recover from attacks against its information resources and to deal with criminal activities that pose a threat to the critical information infrastructure.
  • Is a collaborative partnership of computer incident response, security and law enforcement professionals working together to handle computer security incidents and to provide both proactive and reactive security services for the federal government.
  • Has 18 positions and a $10 million budget (FY '02).

GSA is a centralized federal procurement and property management agency created by Congress to improve government efficiency and help federal agencies better serve the public. It acquires, on behalf of federal agencies, office space, equipment, telecommunications, information technology, supplies and services. GSA, comprised of 14,000 associates, provides services and solutions for the office operations of over 1 million federal workers located in 8,300 government -owned and leased buildings in 1,600 U.S. communities.

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