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GSA Presents Second Annual Federal Mail Best Practice Awards

GSA #9836

June 18, 2001
Contact: Eleni Martin (202) 501-1231

Washington, DC - GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry and Associate Administrator of Governmentwide Policy G. Martin Wagner honored the winners of GSA's Second Annual Federal Mail Best Practices Award. Awards were presented in two categories�Federal Mail Manager of the Year and Federal Mail Center Excellence. These awards recognized federal employees who implemented innovative policies and practices in mail communications.

The Federal Mail Manager of the Year Award was presented to Theodore Boyd, Official Mail Manager for the Department of State's Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Division. Boyd, who manages 120 civil service and contract employees with an annual budget of $29 million, used an innovative approach to streamline processing of mail and make manual sorting of packages easier and more efficient at American Embassies and Consulates oversees. He worked with the U.S. Postal Service to create a system of phantom street names to incorporate the station name that allowed the Department of State to sort mail faster. For example, a piece of mail addressed to a State Department employee working in Rome, Italy would use the address: U.S. Department of State, 9500 Rome Place, Washington DC 20521-9500.

Tied for Federal Mail Center Excellence were the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The USDA Mail Services Team received the Federal Mail Center Excellence Award for using an innovative approach to automate the processing of about 21 million pieces of mail annually to approximately 14,000 employees in 18 locations in the metro area. The USDA improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction by employing voice-activated software system that enables a mail clerk to read the recipient's name, stop-code, or organization and initiate a computer search of the database. Members of the USDA Mail Services Team are: Robert Gililland, June Bryan, Michele Lambert, Howard Neverson, Barbara Pendergrast, and Darius Clinton.

The second Federal Mail Center Excellence Award was presented to the FBI Mail Team of Alice Roberson and Dolores Gibbs. The FBI team initiated the concept of outsourcing the FBI internal messenger service for people with disabilities and developed a contract with NISH (formerly know as the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped). A recent survey indicated that 92 percent of FBI employees rated their mail services as excellent or good.

Also honored was Anthony LaBriola of the Internal Revenue Service, who received an honorable mention as Federal Mail Manager of the Year. LaBriola collaborated with the U.S. Postal Service to become the first federal agency to be a limited licensee of the National Change of Address (NCOA) system. LaBriola worked to change internal IRS regulations that prohibited IRS from updating addresses without the direct consent from taxpayers for at least 200 million addresses. He also partnered with NCOA database to update IRS' outgoing taxpayer notices with the most current addresses and annually update the entire IRS master file. His efforts resulted in improved customer service and saved money by reducing "undeliverable as addressed " mail.

The Federal Mail Best Practices Awards are sponsored by the Mail Communications Policy Office in the GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy. This office collaborates with the federal mail community to formulate new mail policy and share information on best practices.

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