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ITRB Promotes Intergovernmental Collaboration

GSA #9635

February 1, 2000
Contact: Eleni Martin, (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON -- At a seminar sponsored by the Danish Government, Kenneth Heitkamp of the Department of the Air Force and a member of the Information Technology Resources Board (ITRB), recently delivered a presentation on best practices in information technology in the United States.

"The ITRB emphasizes investing in information technology and wisely managing information resources," said Heitkamp. "Since many of the challenges we face are similar, the ITRB is committed to sharing ideas and best practices in using information technology with Federal, State, and international government agencies as well as with our counterparts in private industry"

The seminar was sponsored by the Danish Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Research and Information Technology to involve a variety of government and industry leaders in sharing ideas and best practices in using information technology with an emphasis on electronic government initiatives. Heitkamp discussed lessons learned, results and recommendations regarding major computer information technology projects that were based on reviews conducted by ITRB over the past several years. He also shared information on developing practical strategies for managing information systems.

Heitkamp is one of 15 members of the ITRB. This board consists of senior IT, acquisition, and program managers and practitioners with proven experience developing, acquiring, and managing information systems in the federal government. Members are drawn from a cross section of Defense and civilian agencies and bring a broad perspective on management, technical, and procurement issues. The primary focus of the ITRB is to provide a confidential peer review of major system initiatives at the request of the Office of Management and Budget or an agency and to publicize lessons learned and promising practices without source attribution.

For more information on the ITRB and to view the Board's publications online, visit their website at For additional information, contact Von Harrison at (202) 273-0721.

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