GSA offers new ambulances certified to meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Specification for the Star of Life Ambulances. These vehicles are primarily designed for transporting patients and allowing emergency medical technicians to provide critical medical care.

Use AutoChoice to order ambulances:

  • Line Item 210 - Ambulance, Type I-AD, Conventional  Cab-chassis, Additional Duty;
  • Line Item 211 - Ambulance, Type I, Conventional Cab-chassis w/ Narrow Modular Body;
  • Line Item 213 - Ambulance, Type III, Cutaway Cab-chassis w/ Narrow Modular Body;
  • Line Item 215 - Ambulance, Type III-AD, Cutaway Cab-chassis, Additional Duty; and
  • Line Item 216 - Ambulance, Air Transport, Conventional Cab-chassis w/ Modular Body.


Last Reviewed 2016-10-25