Office Imaging and Document Solutions - Schedule 36

GSA Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) has the latest technologies for your office imaging, document management and mail management requirements. You can choose from the industries' most trusted vendors, both small and large businesses. Select the goods and services that best meet your needs throughout the life cycle of your documents. Purchasing the products and services you need to accomplish your mission is easy using the GSA Multiple Award Schedules.

The Solicitation for Schedule 36, The Office, Imaging, and Document Solution, Solicitation Number 3FNJ-C1-000001-B was refreshed January 26, 2016.

Document Reproduction

Schedule 36 offers digital and engineering copiers and multi-function devices capable of printing, scanning and facsimile functions, Special Item Number (SIN) 51-100, copiers along with maintenance agreements (SIN 51-57, Maintenance Service Agreement for Copiers), and supplies (SIN 51-101-2,Consumable Supplies for Copiers).

The financing options include purchase, lease [SINs 51-58, Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copiers and 51-58a, Operating Lease Plan for Copiers] or rental (SIN 51-55, Rental Plan for Copiers). Also available to you are services for vendors to manage onsite and offsite reproduction centers (SIN 51-505, Document Production On-site and Off-site Services) to accommodate your robust reproduction needs.

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Document Distribution

Schedule 36 offers products that can meet all of your mailing needs with the aid of meters, date and time stamps, or completely integrated systems. If you have concerns about getting the best equipment without incurring excessive costs, or are unsure about which products will best suit your mailroom, you can choose a variety of services that will help you tailor the solution that best meets your workplace needs (SINs 733-1 thru 733-6).

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Document Conversion

Schedule 36 offers document conversion services that can help you convert your paper documents, microfilm, drawings and other media into easily retrievable electronic formats (SIN 51-506, Document Conversion Services).

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Document Management

Schedule 36 offers records management services (SIN 51-504, Records Management Services) to enable you to store, access, and share electronic records.

Schedule 36 has added language to the contract to ensure that all copiers are Energy Star compliant. Non-Energy Star copiers are no longer acceptable.

The Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center has begun to award contracts for Managed Print Services (MPS) (SIN 51-500, Managed Print Services).

Government agencies can choose from a list of MPS Contractors that will enable agencies to: 

  • Reduce their total cost of ownership by reducing imaging assets.
  • Maximizing device utilization.
  • Improving printing habits and policies.
  • Improving network, device and end-user security.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of paper output and energy consumption.

MPS is a holistic service offering that can be tailored to:

  • Include the components of print usage and fleet assessment;
  • Imaging devices;
  • Consumable supplies;
  • Maintenance;
  • Repairs;
  • User support
  • Print policy;
  • Security enhancements;
  • Reporting; and
  • On-going optimization services.

Variety of Offerings for Schedule 36 include:

Copying Systems and Related Equipment
SIN Number SIN Name
51 100 Copiers (Analog, Digital-Multifunctional, Color, and Engineering Copiers)
51 212 Post Copying/Finishing Equipment & Supplies
51 229 Digital Duplication Equipment

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Multi-Media Equipment
SIN Number SIN Name
20 300 Projectors and Electronic Whiteboards
20 220 Projection Screens, Stands, Printer (Enlarger) Systems
165 205 Multi-Media Office Cabinets, Displays & Filing
51 402 Multi-Media Reader and Reader Printers & Systems
51 417 Micro-photographic Film, Paper, Chemical Preparation and Equipment 

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Security, Personnel, and Document Identification Systems and Solutions
SIN Number SIN Name
47 147 Security Applications for Business Machines
50 156 Personal and Document Identification Systems
50 180 Time and Attendance Program Systems

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Other Business Machines
SIN Number SIN Name
50 281 Calculators
50 287 Money Handling and Processing Machines
47 145 Typewriters
47 355 Dictating-Transcribing Machines
51 001 Office Products for the Impaired
50 7002 Stencil Cutting Machines

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Global Innovations
SIN Number SIN Name
51 B 36 2A International – All Equipment under this Schedule
51 1001 Introduction of New Products/Services
51 400 3D Printing Solutions

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Consumable Supplies and Maintenance Agreements are Included

SIN Number SIN Name
51 55 Rental Plan for Copiers
51 100 F Flat Rate Monthly Fee Copying Plan for Copiers
51 100 C Cost Per Copy Plans for Copiers

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Consumable Supplies and Maintenance Agreements are Available for Purchase Separately

SIN Number SIN Name
51 58 A Operating Lease Plan for Copiers
51 58 B Operating Lease Plan for All Other Products
51 100 Copiers (Analog, Digital-multifunctional, Color, and Engineering Copiers)

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Maintenance and Repair Agreements

SIN Number SIN Name
51 56 Repair of Government-Owned Equipment
51 57 Maintenance Service Agreements for Copiers
51 208 Maintenance Service Agreements for All Other Equipment (repair, replacement, and spare parts for equipment other than copiers)

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Consumable Supplies

SIN Number SIN Name
51 101 2 Consumable Supplies for Copiers
51 101 7 Transparency Film

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SIN Number SIN Name
51 409 Network Optical Imaging Systems and Solutions
51 500 Managed Print Services
51 501 Needs Assessment and Analysis Services
51 503 Education and Training Support Services
51 504 Records and File Management Services
51 505 On and Off-Site Document Production Services
51 506 Document Conversion Services
51 507 Destruction Services
51 508 Litigation Support Services
51 509 Network connectivity Support Services
51 1000 Other Direct Costs

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SIN Number SIN Name
50 163 Mail Processing Machines, Systems, and Related Software
50 177 Date and Time Stamps

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Rental Plans

SIN Number SIN Name
50 205 Rental Plan for Postage Meters and Related Mailing Equipment

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SIN Number SIN Name
733 1 Mailroom Management and Services
733 2 Presort Mail Services
733 3 Miscellaneous Mail Services
733 4 List Management Services
733 5 Mailroom Ergonomic Analysis
733 6 Mail Screening and Inspection Services

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