2.3 Site Analysis

Architectural Model,
U.S. Courthouse and Harborpark,
Boston, MA

Successful site planning and design depends on a thorough review and understanding of existing conditions on and around the site. An on-site investigation must be carried out prior to any design effort.

Site Survey. A complete site survey is required for all new construction projects and for alterations that involve work outside the existing building lines. Survey requirements are listed in Appendix A: Submission Requirements.

Geotechnical Investigation. Requirements for all geotechnical investigations are listed in Appendix A: Submission Requirements.

Archeological Testing. In some cases, GSA requires specialized testing by a contractor to determine whether archeological sites are present, and if so, to determine their extent, character and significance. If such testing is required, it should be coordinated with geotechnical testing to ensure that such testing does not inadvertently damage archeological resources. The GSA project manager will inform the architects and engineers when such archeological investigations may affect the project.


Last Reviewed 2016-08-02