2.4 General Site Plan Criteria

Existing Site Features and Existing Vegetation. Existing natural features on the site should generally be preserved and be used as a starting point for the overall site design. Efforts should be made to preserve existing vegetation, particularly healthy trees and plant specimens. GSA promotes the protection and integration of existing vegetation and natural terrain into site design.

Energy Conservation. The use of site design to aid energy conservation and sustainability is encouraged. Solar orientation of the building and well placed plant material can be used to increase heat gain in the winter and reduce heat gain during the summer.

Environmentally Safe Practices. GSA promotes practices that are friendly to the environment and conserve resources, such as low water and minimum chemical usage, etc. Plant material and landscape designs should reflect regional environmental concerns, such as xeriscaping, where geographically appropriate.

Building Separation. Building separation and requirements for rated exterior walls and openings for protection from exposure by adjacent buildings or hazards shall comply with the requirements of one of the International Building Code (IBC) and ASCE 7-98.

Last Reviewed 2016-08-02