3.3 Commissioning

The design architect shall identify and coordinate commissioning practices with the Construction Manager, Project Manager, and (if contracted separately) the Commissioning Authority, for the project’s programmed performance goals. As appropriate, coordinate with other disciplines to fully enable required testing and certifications. Incorporate into construction specifications those testing and certification requirements that involve construction contractors. Examples of possible programmed performance goals include:

  • Assigned Annual Energy Consumption Goal
  • Attainment of Programmed LEED rating
  • Assured Envelope Thermal Integrity, Certified by Hot-Box and/or Infra-red (thermographic) Imaging
  • Water Penetration and/or Moisture Control
  • Blast Resistance Glazing Performance
  • Seismic Response
  • Acoustic Performance
  • High-wind Impact Resistance
  • Accessibility Requirements
  • Functionality of Applied Innovative Technologies
Last Reviewed 2016-08-02