4.2 Codes and Standards

Codes and mandatory standards adopted by GSA for the design of all new buildings are discussed in Chapter 1.

The following FEMA guidelines shall be incorporated into the structural design for all projects involving new and existing facilities:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publications:

Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Steel Moment-Frame Buildings (FEMA 350)

Recommended Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for Existing Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings (FEMA 351)

Recommended Post-earthquake Evaluation and Repair Criteria for Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings (FEMA 352)

Recommended Specifications and Quality Assurance Guidelines for Steel Moment-Frame Construction for Seismic Applications (FEMA 353).

Structural Design of New Buildings
The structural design (including wind, snow and earthquake) of new buildings, structures and portions thereof shall be in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC).

Use of Recycled Materials
The EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines indicate the materials that must contain recycled content in the construction of buildings with federally appropriated funds. (Refer to: Chapter 1, Recycled-Content Products.)

Chapter 3, Incorporation of Recycled-Content Materials includes a listing of ASTM Specifications for cement and concrete.

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