2.14 Site Signage

A well-designed site should use as few signs as possible. Signs should make the site clear to the first-time user by identifying multiple site entrances, parking and the main building entrance.

Generally, graphics and style of site signage should be in keeping with the signage used inside the building. Signs integrated with architectural elements can also be very effective. There shall be a consistency in the font style and color plus any directional symbology used in site and building signage. Signage placement can be an important detail element of the building design whether prominently displayed and tooled into the exterior building wall materials or as a freestanding component near the entrance to the facility. See Chapter 3: Architectural and Interior Design, Guidelines for Building Elements, Artwork and Graphics, and Exterior Closure, Cornerstone and Commemorative Plaques for applicable standards.

Construction Signs
All GSA new construction and prospectus level repair and alteration projects must display an official construction sign on the site, in a prominent location. Construction signs must conform to the following specifications.

All Construction Signs. The size of the sign shall be 3600 mm by 1800 mm (12 feet by 6 feet). It shall be constructed of a durable, weather resistant material, properly and securely framed and mounted. Standard GSA color (blue) with white lettering should be used. Signs shall be mounted at least 1200 mm (4 feet) above the ground, display the official GSA logo which should be no less than 400 mm (16 inches) square, and provide the following information:

Image of Construction Sign Requirements Example
  •  Building for the People of the United States of America
  • (Name of) Federal Building
  • Constructed by (building contractor)
  • U. S. General Services Administration. – Public Buildings Service
  • (President's name), President of the United States.
  • (Administrator's name), Administrator, GSA
  • (Name), Commissioner, PBS
  • (Regional Administrator's name), Region X Administrator
  • The lettering, graphic style, and format should be compatible with the architectural character of the building.

New Construction Signs. Signs at new construction sites shall include the name of the architect and general contractor and may contain an artist's rendering or photograph of the model of the building under construction.

Repair and Alteration Projects. Signs at prospectus level repair and alteration project sites shall include the name of the architect and/or engineers for the major systems work (i.e. structural, mechanical, electrical), if appropriate. In addition, the sign should include the name of the general contractor.

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