8.5 Existing Construction Modernization

Existing structures undergoing a modernization should be upgraded to new construction requirements when required by the risk assessment except where noted in Progressive Collapse, below. The requirements of new construction apply to all major additions and structural modifications.

Protection Levels. Risk assessments based on the new construction criteria shall be performed on existing structures to examine the feasibility of upgrading the facility. The results, including at a minimum recommendations and cost, shall be documented in a written report before submission for project funding.

Progressive Collapse Progressive Collapse analysis must be performed if:

  1. The building is to be upgraded for seismic forces
  2. The building structural frame will be exposed as part of the current scope of work making any structural upgrade for preventing progressive collapse appropriate at this time.
  3. The exterior façade of the building is to be removed making structural upgrade of the perimeter structural system appropriate at this time.

Prior to the submission for funding, all structures shall be analyzed according to requirements for new construction, and a written report shall clearly state the potential vulnerability of the building to progressive collapse. This report will be used as a planning tool to reduce risk. Findings of the design-analysis shall be incorporated into the project’s risk assessment and include the methodology, the details of the progressive collapse analysis, retrofit recommendations, cost estimates, and supporting calculations.

Last Reviewed 2017-07-11