4.6 Seismic Requirements for Leased Buildings

New Construction
New buildings or the construction of an addition to an existing building shall conform to the IBC. For information see the latest edition of GSA’s RLP.

Existing Buildings
Existing buildings shall meet the seismic requirements of the Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally Owned or Leased Building and Commentary, ICSSC RP 8. For information, please see the documents below.

ICSSC RP 8 can be downloaded as a PDF.

File Description Version Type File Size
Seismic Lease Acquisition Circular LAC-2012-04 memo which issues Leasing Desk Guide Appendix G - Seismic Safety in Leasing (3 pages) 09/2012 PDF 820k
Leasing Desk Guide Appendix G (including Attachments 1 - 3) 09/2012 PDF 11625k
Attachment 1 - RLP Seismic Paragraphs   09/2012 PDF 2512k
Attachment 2 - Offer Forms 09/2012 PDF 3611k
Attachment 3 - Lease Seismic Paragraphs 09/2012 PDF 1652k
Detailed PDF MAP  - Seismic Leasing Requirements for Federally Leased Buildings Complying with RP8 Conterminous United States 09/2012 PDF 1340k
Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally Owned and Leased Buildings
ICSSC Recommended Practice 8 (RP 8)
12/2011 PDF 602K

US Seismic Map RP8

Last Reviewed 2016-12-14