6.17 Layout of Main Electrical Rooms

Separate electrical rooms may be provided for medium voltage and low voltage switchgear assemblies.

Vertical Clearances. Main electrical equipment rooms generally should have a clear height to the underside of the structure for compliance with requirements of the NEC. Where maintenance or equipment replacement requires the lifting of heavy parts, hoists should be installed.

Horizontal Clearances. Electrical equipment rooms should be planned with clear circulation aisles and adequate access to all equipment. Layout should be neat, and the equipment rooms should be easy to clean. Horizontal clearances should comply with requirements set forth by the NEC.

Lighting. Lighting in equipment rooms should be laid out so as not to interfere with equipment. Switched emergency lighting must be provided in main electrical rooms.

Housekeeping Pads. Housekeeping pads should be at least 75 mm (3 inches) larger than the mounted equipment on all sides.

Posted Instructions. Posted operating instructions are required for manually operated electrical systems. They should consist of simplified instructions and diagrams of equipment, controls and operation of the systems, including selector switches, main-tie-main transfers, ATS by-pass, UPS by-pass, etc.

Instructions should be framed and posted adjacent to the major equipment of the system.


Last Reviewed 2017-07-11