8.8 Mechanical Engineering

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following criteria do NOT apply to all projects. Follow each criterion only if instructed to by your project-specific risk assessment. Many criteria are based on the recommendations of a specific building risk assessment/threat analysis. Where the criteria include a blank or offer a choice of approaches, the recommendations from risk assessment will provide information for filling in the blank or suggesting a choice of approaches..

The mechanical system should continue the operation of key life safety components following an incident. The criteria focus on locating components in less vulnerable areas, limiting access to mechanical systems, and providing a reasonable amount of redundancy.

Air System
Air Intakes. On buildings of more than four stories, locate intakes on the fourth floor or higher. On buildings of three stories or less, locate intakes on the roof or as high as practical. Locating intakes high on a wall is preferred over a roof location.

Utility Protection
Utilities and Feeders. Utility systems should be located at least 50 feet from loading docks, front entrances, and parking areas.

Incoming Utilities. Within building and property lines, incoming utility systems should be concealed and given blast protection, including burial or proper encasement wherever possible (see section on Electrical Engineering, Service and Distribution, Utilities and Feeders).

Last Reviewed 2016-08-02