9.8 Security Design

Agency Responsibilities
Courthouse security is the joint responsibility of the judiciary, GSA Federal Protective Service (FPS), and USMS. (The USMS has the primary role in security decisions.) Decisions regarding security planning and design are made by individual agencies and the local Court Security Committee (CSC), or for multi-tenant buildings, the Building Security Committee (BSC).

The CSC is responsible for identifying the court’s specific security requirements and developing a security plan for judicial facilities and operations throughout the district.

All security systems and equipment must be consistent with requirements in: ISC Security Design Criteria (Class Medium level protection buildings); the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Vulnerability Assessment of Federal Facilities (Level IV buildings); and the United States Courts Design Guide (USCDG); and Requirements and Specifications for Special Purpose and Support Space Manual Volumes 1-3, USMS publication number 64. The CSC must be informed about and have the opportunity to review all security-related design decisions.

The USMS Central Courthouse Management Group’s (CCMG) Facilities Management Team is responsible for design considerations involving secure prisoner movement, holding cell and interview facility requirements, and USMS-occupied office and support space. The Judicial Security Systems Team (JSST) within the CCMG is responsible for the planning, design, and installation of security systems in spaces occupied by the judiciary. The USMS coordinates the work of the security system and security construction contractors.

In addition, the CCMG often acts as security engineer for court buildings, designing and integrating security systems for building perimeters in conjunction with the GSA.

Refer to the USCDG for a more detailed explanation of security design responsibilities.

Once the functional planning criteria including security related issues, as outlined in the USCDG and USMSRSSPSSM, is implemented into the conceptual design for the new or renovated courts facility, it is intended to help in the development of the technical drawings, specifications, and other information to incorporate the security components into the project.

Last Reviewed 2016-08-02