7.12 Standpipes and Fire Department Hose Outlets

Standpipes. Standpipes shall be installed in buildings where required by the National Model Building Code.

Special Requirements. The requirements below supersede the requirements of the National Model Building Code:

  • All standpipes shall be connected to the fire protection water supply, be permanently pressurized, and be installed in accordance with NFPA 14.
  • Dry standpipes shall only be permitted in spaces subject to freezing.
  • Where standpipe and sprinkler systems are required, a combination sprinkler/standpipe system design shall be provided.

Fire Department Hose Outlets. Each fire main riser shall be provided with 2-1/2 inch fire department hose outlets. Each outlet shall be located in the stair shaft and have a removable 1-1/2 inch adapter and cap. Threads and valves shall be compatible with the local fire department requirements.

Last Reviewed 2016-08-02