Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Breakdown

The separate amounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner listed in the chart are provided should you need to deduct any of those meals from your trip voucher. For example, if your trip includes meals that are already paid for by the government (such as through a registration fee for a conference), you will need to deduct those meals from your voucher.  Refer to Section 301-11.18 of the Federal Travel Regulation for specific guidance on deducting these amounts from your per diem reimbursement claims for meals furnished to you by the government. Other organizations may have different rules that apply for their employees; please check with your organization for more assistance.

The table lists the six M&IE tiers in the lower 48 continental United States (currently ranging from $51 to $74). If you need to deduct a meal amount, first determine the location where you will be working while on official travel.  You can look up the location-specific information at  The M&IE rate for your location will be one of the six tiers listed on this table.  Find the corresponding amount on the first line of the table (M&IE Total) and then look below for each specific meal deduction amount.

The table also lists the portion of the M&IE rate that is provided for incidental expenses (currently $5 for all tiers).

Total Continental
Lunch Dinner IE
$51 $11 $12 $23 $5
$54 $12 $13 $24 $5
$59 $13 $15 $26 $5
$64 $15 $16 $28 $5
$69 $16 $17 $31 $5
$74 $17 $18 $34 $5


This table lists the amount federal employees receive for the first and last calendar day of travel. The first and last calendar day of travel is calculated at 75 percent.

Total First & Last Day of Travel
$51 $38.25
$54 $40.50
$59 $44.25
$64 $48.00
$69 $51.75
$74 $55.50


Looking for the foreign and outside the continental United States (OCONUS) breakdown chart? Visit FTR Appendix B.  (Note: Appendix B breakdowns do not apply to any locations in the continental United States; use the table listed above.)


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