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GSA Improves Networx RFPs Based on Stakeholder Comment

GSA # 10148

March 24, 2005
Contact: Mary Alice Johnson (202) 501-1231

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) today announced changes to the Networx procurement in response to Draft RFP comments and issues raised at the March 3, 2005, hearing on the subject before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Government Reform.

“We have worked closely with federal customers, industry, and key stakeholders throughout the development of the Networx program to ensure that the resulting contracts will provide the best telecommunications solutions and services that industry has to offer at the lowest possible cost,” said John C. Johnson, GSA Federal Technology Service Assistant Commissioner for Service Development and Delivery. “Interested parties raised some very good points at the Networx hearing and we have moved forward to incorporate many of their comments into the final RFPs.” 

GSA has made the following changes to the Networx program:

  • Reduced the requirements for plans, reports and data to the minimum number necessary to evaluate proposals, track contractor performance, and manage the contracts;
  • Reduced billing elements to the minimum number necessary to meet government requirements;
  • Reduced the number of metrics and streamlined corresponding reporting requirements; and
  • Reduced requirements for the Operational Support Systems verification, while continuing to ensure an efficient and effective transition process.

Incorporating these changes into the RFPs will delay the release of the Networx program’s Universal and Enterprise procurements by one month to the first week of May 2005. Johnson stated, “We are confident that taking the time to incorporate these changes into the strategy and to complete our quality review will ultimately result in better telecommunications solutions and services for federal agencies.” He added, “Congressman Davis stated during the hearing that ‘[i]t’s more important for GSA to do this right than it is to do it on schedule. Timeliness is important, but doing it right is imperative,’ and we agree.”

The deadline for submissions of industry proposals will now be early August 2005. Traffic data (e.g., location, type, and quantity of services) will be released in May concurrent with the RFPs.

The Networx program will serve as the primary replacement for expiring government-wide telecommunications contracts. It consists of two simultaneous acquisitions: Networx Universal and Networx Enterprise. Networx Universal service providers will provide service to all government locations currently served under existing programs, as well as all commercial locations served by the offeror. Networx Enterprise offerors will bid a core set of Internet Protocol or wireless services to a specified geographic profile.

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