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Seven GSA Executives Honored With Presidential Rank Awards

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May 3, 2005
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Washington, DC – Seven executives from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) were among those recently honored by President George W. Bush as Presidential Rank Award winners for 2004.

“This is among the most prestigious awards given for public service, said GSA Administrator Stephen Perry, and it is awarded to those federal workers who have achieved outstanding results in delivering good government service to the American people. This award recognizes the recipients' vision, leadership and hard work that allowed them to excel and serve as an inspiration to others."

The Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive was awarded to Public Buildings Service Deputy Commissioner Anthony E. Costa. 

The six associates recognized with the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive are GSA Deputy Administrator David L. Bibb; Public Buildings Service Assistant Regional Administrator Robin G. Graf; Public Buildings Service Assistant Commissioner for Organizational Resources Paul M. Lynch (Retired); Office of General Counsel’s Associate General Counsel for Real Property Samuel J. Morris, III; Office of Citizen Services and Communications Federal Citizen Information Center Director Teresa Navarro Nasif; and Office of Inspector General Assistant Inspector General for Auditing Eugene L. Waszily, Jr.

The selection process for award winners began with a nomination by their agency heads. Nominees are then evaluated with a focus on leadership and results by boards of private citizens before being submitted to the President for approval.

Presidential Rank Awards 2004
List of GSA Winners & Accomplishments
Distinguished Executive Award Winner:

Anthony E. Costa, Deputy Commissioner, Public Buildings Service – Formerly, the Assistant Regional Administrator for PBS for the National Capital Region (NCR), Mr. Costa has been instrumental in changing the way PBS conducts business, leading the agency in managing its portfolio more effectively and sharpening its focus on customers. As NCR’s Assistant Regional Administrator, he spearheaded several major initiatives, including integration of regional financial plans with daily business operations and a renewed and redesigned approach to the stewardship of legacy properties. Mr. Costa also received the award for Meritorious Executive in 2002.

Meritorious Executive Award Winners:

David L. Bibb, GSA Deputy Administrator – As Deputy Associate Administrator for Real Property, Office of Governmentwide Policy, Mr. Bibb led the transformation of a largely unknown office into a leading federal source of real estate and workplace policy and helped to change how the federal government manages its inventory. In part because of Mr. Bibb’s leadership, GSA’s reputation for innovation has dramatically increased in the private sector and among other governments. Through his involvement in GSA’s Human Capital Council and Worldclass Workforce initiative, Mr. Bibb ensured that GSA associates would benefit from more modernized and healthy work environments. Mr. Bibb previously received the award for Meritorious Executive in 1992, and Distinguished Executive in 1996.

Robin G. Graf, Public Buildings Service Assistant Regional Administrator-Northwest/Arctic Region – Mr. Graf continually pushes for improvements in process and policy, constantly questioning the status quo. Mr. Graf seeks to ensure that change is plan driven, with goals identified and measured. Consistent with the President’s Management Agenda, at the end of each year he produces an Annual Report that articulates how the regional associates performed against their established goals so that planning adjustments can be made for the following year. Mr. Graf is also widely recognized for his outstanding leadership practices and his ability to increase productivity.
Paul M. Lynch, Former Assistant Commissioner for Organizational Resources, Public Buildings Service – Mr. Lynch was responsible for managing all of the organizational assets of PBS – including human capital, technology and physical capital, as well as the portfolio of vendors. Mr. Lynch was a visionary leader in creating and implementing positive changes within PBS and constantly sought new and creative solutions for improvement. Beginning in 2002, Mr. Lynch used President Bush’s Management Agenda to drive productivity within PBS by leading the organization in the creation and execution of a plan for the Strategic Management of Human Capital. Through his hard work, PBS is now viewed as an innovative and highly respected leader in real estate practice both within and outside government. Mr. Lynch retired from GSA on December 31, 2004.

Samuel J. Morris, III, Associate General Counsel for Real Property, Office of General Counsel – Mr. Morris has been leading change through his work to implement the tenets of the President’s Management Agenda. He has also been instrumental in promoting the mission, values and goals of GSA through the use of performance planning that measures results and enhances productivity. He had a major role in transfer of the Federal Protective Service to the Department of Homeland Security and in support of federal real property reform, which is designed to change the way the federal government owns, operates and maintains real estate. Mr. Morris also played a major role in leading change in connection with GSA’s National Broker Contract Initiative.

Teresa Navarro Nasif, Director of the Federal Citizen Information Center, Office of Citizen Services and Communications – Mrs. Nasif provides leadership to critically important national programs that create a more citizen-centric, results-oriented federal government, as directed by the President’s Management Agenda. She is responsible for responding to citizen questions about government programs online through, via telephone at 1 (800) FED-INFO, and through publications distributed from Pueblo, Colorado. As an Executive Sponsor of the Presidential E-Gov initiative, USA Services, Mrs. Nasif provides leadership to improve citizen customer service governmentwide. She has demonstrated extraordinary success in building and maintaining an exemplary team that has consistently exceeded performance standards.

Eugene L. Waszily, Jr., Assistant Inspector General for Auditing, Office of Inspector General – Under Mr. Waszily’s guidance, the Office of Audits has fundamentally transformed its business process away from traditional compliance-based auditing to a more strategic and results-oriented approach. Mr. Waszily has directed the development of an innovative audit methodology that embraces teams of individuals working on major audits. His efforts have led to a significant increase in job satisfaction among the Office of Audits associates nationwide. 

GSA is a centralized federal procurement, property management, and policy agency, created by Congress to improve government efficiency and help federal agencies better serve the public. It acquires, on behalf of federal agencies, office space, equipment, telecommunications, information technology, supplies and services. It also plays a key role in developing and implementing governmentwide policies. GSA’s 12,000 associates provide services and solutions for the office operations of more than one million federal workers located in more than 8,000 government-owned and leased buildings in 2,100 U.S. communities.


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