Review Submittals for Performance Parameters

As submittals for products and materials are received from contractors, copies of submittals critical to the commissioning process shall be forwarded to the Commissioning Agent (CxA). In general the CxA reviews the following types of submittals:

  • Coordination drawings
  • Redline as-builts
  • Product data and key operations data submittals
  • Systems manuals
  • Training program

Clearly, the CxA cannot review every project submittal. The CxA’s review of submittals shall be limited to those items that are critical to the focus of the commissioning process. This review allows the CxA to check the submittals for adherence to owner’s project requirements and basis of design and project specifications. The CxA shall pay special attention to substitutions and proposed deviations from contract documents & the basis of design (BOD). The CxA will only comment on submittals to the extent that there is a perceived deviation from the owner’s project requirements or commissioning plan. All CxA comments shall be resolved by the GSA project manager (PM), construction manager (CM), architect/engineer (A/E) and CxA in a team spirit and documented.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23