Develop and Utilize Construction Checklists

Construction checklists are developed by the commissioning agent (CxA), maintained by the construction manager (CM), and used by the construction contractor and subcontractors. The intent of construction checklists is to convey pertinent information to the installers regarding the customer agency’s concerns on installation and long-term operation of the facility and systems. The approach to the structure of the checklists is to keep it short and simple by focusing on key elements.

Checklists span the duration of time from when equipment is delivered to the job site until the point that the system/component is started up and operational. This includes testing, adjusting,and balancing as well as control system tuning.

Construction checklists are tools for transferring the information contained in the contract documents (drawings and specifications) to the workers in the field. By completing the checklists, the workers are assured that requirements in the project documents are satisfied. Checklists generally fall into the following categories:

  • Delivery and storage checks
    • Document and track delivery of equipment and materials to site
    • Verify submittal information (avoid accepting and installing equipment which does not meet specifications)
    • Ensure equipment/materials remain free of contamination, moisture, etc.
  • Installation and start-up
    • Component-based checks
    • Systems-based checks

The development of the construction checklists takes close coordination between the GSA project manager (PM), GSA operating personnel, GSA technical experts, CxA, construction manager (CM), construction contractor, and in some cases, state and local government officials to maximize the benefits and tailor the checklists to the way the CM and construction contractor will manage the project. Generally the checklists are developed as follows:

  • CxA identifies components and systems for which checklists are required
  • CxA reviews Owner’s Project Requirements for key success criteria
  • CxA reviews specifications and submittals for key requirements
  • CxA develops sample checklists for GSA PM and CM review
  • CxA incorporates feedback and finalizes checklists for distribution

Once the checklists have been developed and provided to the construction contractor, the CxA will review the completion of the checklists periodically during site visits.

GSA PMs are encouraged to reference the Construction Industry Institute’s Planning for Start-up Education Module (edited for GSA) for more detail on startup processes and checklists.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23