Conduct Owner Training

Owner Training
An important step in the commissioning process is ensuring that GSA operating personnel are properly trained in the required care, adjustment, maintenance, and operations of the new facility equipment and systems. It is critical that operations and maintenance personnel have the knowledge and skills required to operate the facility to meet the owner’s project requirements. Training shall specifically address:

  • Step-by-step procedures required for normal day-to-day operation of the facility
  • Adjustment instructions including information for maintaining operational parameters
  • Troubleshooting procedures including instructions for diagnosing operating problems
  • Maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Repair procedures including disassembly, component removal, replacement and re-assembly
  • Upkeep of maintenance documentation and logs
  • Emergency instructions for operating the facility during various nonstandard conditions and/or emergencies
  • Key warranty requirements

Commissioning Agent Role in Training

Because of the commissioning agent’s (CxA) in-depth knowledge of the design intent and building systems, it is important to have that individual intimately involved in the training. The CxA is responsible for facilitating the entire owner training process. This process begins in the design stage by ensuring that appropriate levels of training are planned and included in the specifications. The CxA maintains a system-based, as opposed to component-based, focus in the training to ensure that operating personnel understand the interrelationships of equipment, systems, and assemblies. The CxA also reviews agendas and material developed by the contractors in advance of the trainings for quality, completeness and accuracy. The CxA shall also attend a number of the key training sessions to evaluate effectiveness and suggest improvements in the delivery of the material.

Training Timing and Requirements

The majority of training shall be done during the construction phase prior to substantial completion. Some systems and assemblies may require ongoing training during occupancy and post-construction. The exact systems, subsystems, equipment and assemblies that require training as well as the required number of hours of training are spelled out in the project specifications. The CM utilizes attendee sign-in sheets to verify that the training was delivered to the intended staff.

The instruction shall be given during regular work hours (for all shifts) on such dates and times that are selected by the GSA Project Manager. The instruction may be divided into two or more periods at the discretion of the GSA PM.

It is highly recommended that all training sessions be videotaped. Videotaping training allows for future reference of the material and training of new employees down the road. The team may also wish to consider DVDs in lieu of videotapes for reasons of longevity and convenience. The contractor shall be required to provide the GSA PM with an edited draft version of the taped training sessions (generally within seven days), which include all aspects of the operation, inspection, testing and maintenance of the systems. The CxA, GSA operating personnel, and GSA technical experts will review the videotape and provide the Contractor with comments. The contractor will then resubmit an edited final version of the tape (generally within seven days of receipt of comments).

Instructor Qualifications

The instructor shall have received specific training from the manufacturer regarding the inspection, testing and maintenance of the system provided. The instructor shall train the Government employees designated by the contracting officer in the care, adjustment, maintenance, and operation of the new facility equipment and systems. Each instructor shall be thoroughly familiar with all parts of the installation. The instructor shall be trained in operating theory as well as practical operation and maintenance work.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23