Turnover Commissioning Record

Recommissioning Management Manual
The commissioning record includes a recommissioning management manual which provides guidance and establishes timelines for recommissioning building systems and components. The recommissioning management Manual is a requirement for LEED’s Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3.

It is critical to understand that commissioning documentation is developed throughout the project and turned over before substantial completion. Commissioning documentation turned over at this stage of the project is a result of a well-thought-out documentation plan and collection of information throughout all of the project phases. The following matrix outlines necessary documentation of the commissioning process by project phase in order to complete the Commissioning Record.

Commissioning Record Document
 Document  Phase Started  Developed/Provided By
 Commissioning Plan  Planning  GSA PM
 Commissioning Plan Appendices  Planning  GSA PM
 A. Owner's Project Requirements  Planning  GSA PM
 B. Basis of Design  Design  A/E
 C. Commissioning Specifications  Design  A/E/CxA
 D. Design Review  Design  CxA
 E. Submittal Review  Design   CxA
 F. Test Procedures  Design  CxA
 G. Issues Log  Construction  CxA
 H. Construction Checklists  Construction  CxA/Construction Contractor
 I. CxA Site Visit and Cx Team Meeting Minutes  Construction  CxA
 J. O & M Review  Construction  CxA
K. Training Documentation   Construction  CxA/Construction Contractor
 L. Warranty Review  Construction  CxA
 M. Test Data Reports  Construction  CxA/Construction Contractor
 Summary Report  Construction  CxA
 Recommissioning Management Manual  Construction  CxA/GSA PM

The commissioning record shall include a brief summary report that includes a list of participants and roles, brief building description, overview of commissioning and testing scope, and a general description of testing and verification methods. For each piece of commissioned equipment, the report shall contain the disposition of the commissioning agent regarding the adequacy of the equipment, documentation, and training meeting the contract documents in the following areas:

  1. Equipment meeting the equipment specifications,
  2. Equipment installation,
  3. Functional performance and efficiency,
  4. Equipment documentation, and
  5. Operator training.

Recommissioning Management ManualThe recommissioning management manual provides guidance and establishes timelines for recommissioning of building systems and components. The format of the recommissioning management manual will closely parallel the commissioning plan for the facility.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23