Complete Final Commissioning Report

During post-construction, the commissioning agent (CxA) is responsible for delivering a final commissioning report. This document is in addition to those items detailed in the “Turnover Commissioning Record” section. The final commissioning report shall include at a minimum:

  • A statement that systems have been completed in accordance with the contract documents and that the systems are performing in accordance with the final owner’s project requirements document
  • Identification and discussion of any substitutions, compromises, or variances between the final design intent, contract documents and as-built conditions
  • Description of components and systems that exceed owner’s project requirements and those which do not meet the requirements and why
  • Summary of all issues resolved and unresolved and any recommendations for resolution
  • Post-construction activities and results including deferred & seasonal testing results, test data reports and additional training documentation
  • Lessons learned for future commissioning project efforts
  • Recommendations for changes to GSA standard test protocols and/or facility design standards (i.e. GSA P-100, etc.)

The final commissioning report will be a critical reference and benchmark document for future recommissioning of the facility.

The CxA is also responsible at this stage to ensure that the architect/engineer's (A/E’s) update to the computer-aided-design (CAD) as-built drawings is completed.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-23