Property Disposal Services

GSA's Heartland Region can assist federal agencies with their personal or real property disposal needs.

Personal and Technology Property Disposal

Agencies with personal property that is no longer needed – including excess technology equipment and other personal property – can count on GSA for their mandated utilization and donation screening needs. Federal agencies may also sell surplus personal property at GSA Auctions.

The GSA Heartland Region will tailor personal property services to meet agencies' needs. Questions regarding reporting excess property should be directed to Monica Byrnes. See contact information listed on the upper right side of this page.

Building and Real Property Disposal

The process for federal agencies to declare and dispose of federal real property (buildings, land, warehouses, etc.) is mandated by federal law. Under the authority of the Federal Property & Administrative Services Act, property can be:

  • Transferred from one agency to another;
  • Excessed via discount conveyance to state and local governments for public benefits such as educational, public health, parks and recreational uses, and more;
  • Sold via negotiated sale to state and local governments; or 
  • Sold to the public via competitive sales.

Questions should be directed to Laura McGinnis, whose contact information is listed on the upper right side of this page.


Looking for auctions, or government property for sale? is the comprehensive website representing all of GSA's real, personal, excess, surplus, vehicle and everything else that is currently for sale. Vehicle auction sales that are held live, not online, in various locations can be found at GSA Auto Auctions.

The Heartland Region partners with many federal and non-federal organizations to support the local community. Educational institutions may receive excess government property through the Computers for Learning Program. And, public agencies and eligible non-profit organizations can receive surplus property through the State Agencies for Surplus Property. Questions should be directed to Judy Schroyer, whose contact information is listed on the upper right side of this page.

Last Reviewed 2016-06-21