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Purpose and Scope

The following Realty Services Letters have been reviewed and been determined to be non-mandatory, however they may provide useful historical information on regulatory and procedural changes and include good business practices that may continue to be referenced for optional use.

[NOTE: The good practices documents listed below have been archived. Please email to request any of the listed files.]

 Date Issued  Number  Subject 
1/20/1982 PRL-82-04 Rental Payments During Holdover Tenancy
10/5/1983 PRL-83-10 Buying out Vacant Leased Space
3/16/1984 PRL-84-07 Full Analysis of Sole Source CPI Cost Bases
8/24/1984 PRL-84-14  Lease Awards Obligating Rental Payments for Unoccupied Space
11/26/1984 PRL-84-18  Payment of Real Estate Taxes
3/12/1987 PQP-87-02  Format for Lease Alteration Files
7/27/1988 PQP-88-05  Lease Awards Obligating Rental for Unoccupied Space
7/28/1988 PQP-88-07 Lease Negotiations
10/6/1989 PQRP-89-09  Building Purchase Program
2/28/1991 PQRP-91-02  Guidance on Negotiation and Administration of the Real Estate Tax Adjustment Clause
3/6/1992 PQRP-92-04  Small Business Subcontracting Plans
7/16/1992 PQRP-92-05  Emergency and Disaster Leasing Procedures
11/9/1992 PQRP-93-03  Amendments to the Buildings Purchase Program Policy PQRP-89-09, dated October 6, 1989
7/6/1993 PQRP-94-06  Use of GSA Form 387
8/31/1994 PER-95-01  Streamlined Business Practices for Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property
2/22/1995 PER-95-04  Implementing Lease Lab and Lease Acquisition BPR Recommendations
4/29/1996 PER-96-02  PBS Handbooks in Property Acquisition and Realty Services
1/9/1997 PER-97-01  Multi-Unit Leases
8/26/1997 PER-97-03  Tax Payments and Timeliness of Lessor Tax Documentation


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