Deputy Administrator Bibb Addresses IRMCO Conference

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Remarks by
David L. Bibb
Deputy Administrator
U.S. General Services Administration
Interagency Resources Management Conference (IRMCO)
April 29, 2007

Thanks very much, Mary; good evening, everyone.

On behalf of Administrator Lurita Doan, who could not be with us tonight, it’s my great honor to welcome you to the Annual Interagency Resources Management Conference. This is the 46th IRMCO conference. That’s impressive.

Our goals, as always, are to get you all together and talking to one another … to provide an environment that fosters innovation … and to stimulate lively discussion and collaboration across old boundaries to achieve better results for our agencies and the American public.

Our organizers at GSA and the Interagency Executive Steering Committee have put together a terrific agenda with workshops designed to provide you with food for thought and practical ideas you can put to use when you return home.

  • Managers from the Department of Housing and Urban Development are here, for instance, to discuss how collaboration and teamwork are helping HUD achieve key goals of the President’s Management Agenda.
  • There’s also a panel on how to prepare organizations to implement new lines of business.
  • And another workshop will explore how government is increasingly using contractors, grantees, and other non-federal employees to support the Federal workforce and the various challenges that result.
  • You will also have a chance to have an interactive discussion with government leaders at the first-ever executive roundtable discussion at IRMCO.
  • For a different perspective on innovation and efficiency in government, you’ll be hearing this evening from a very respected member of the media, ABC 7 news national correspondent Rebecca Cooper.

In the meantime, you don’t need to look much further than the attendees’ list to see how important IRMCO has become to senior executives throughout government. Let me take a second to welcome some special guests, beginning with:

  • Karen Evans, Administrator of the Office of E-gov & Information Policy at OMB;
  • OMB Controller Linda Combs, who will join us later tonight;
  • and Rob Burton, Deputy Administrator, OMB Office of Federal Procurement Policy.
    I should also mention the members of the Executive Steering Committee, who began planning this event last summer! They are:
  • Charles Chistopherson, Chief Financial Officer at the Agriculture Department;
  • Joanie Newhart, Assistant Administrator for Administration at the Small Business Administration;
  • Glenn Perry, Director of Contracts and Acquisition Management, and Senior Procurement Executive at the Department of Education;
  • Lisa Schlosser, the Chief Information Officer at HUD;
  • and Christopher Smith, CIO for Rural Development at USDA.

Thank you for your ideas and counsel.

Great things are happening at all these agencies, including GSA.

Hey, I’m the host so I get a free plug!
Seriously, I’m very proud of our recent achievements at GSA.

  • We awarded the governmentwide acquisitions for Networx and HSPD-12;
  • We’ve got the Service-disabled Vets’ GWAC in place;
  • We’ve gained more business from some very important clients, like DoD and the Judiciary;
  • GSA is the only agency that’s gotten to green – and stayed there – on the Real Property Asset Management portion of the President’s Management Agenda.
  • We received a clean audit opinion.
  • And we’re completing the most sweeping internal reorganization of GSA since the agency was founded in 1949. I’m talking, of course, about the merging of our legacy supply and technology offerings into the new Federal Acquisition Service, headed by Commissioner Jim Williams.

Jim, Administrator Doan and the rest of us have carefully read the customer messages in our suggestion box. One point that really resonated is that they don’t want to deal with different GSA employees for different goods and services. They want one point of contact in FAS.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret. In recognition of the need to present one face to our customers, you’ll be hearing a new slogan from us: one GSA – one voice. Again, that’s: One GSA – One Voice.

It is with that singular GSA voice that I again welcome you to IRMCO and urge you to take advantage of the expertise that’s been assembled to make this our best event yet. The conference is intended to start conversations and promote partnerships … to encourage you to work across agency lines to achieve program results … to help ensure that, as a government, we continually improve citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

This audience represents the broad CXO community with many different disciplines, but we’ve all come to Williamsburg for the same reason. Whether you’re in I-T, acquisition, financial management, human resources or another field, we’re all interested in delivering the highest quality of service possible to the American public at the best possible price.

A worthy goal indeed.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful conference.


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