Winstead Helps Launch FDA Engineering and Physics Lab

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Remarks by
 David Winstead
Public Buildings Service Commissioner
U.S. General Services Administration
FDA Engineering and Physics Lab Building Dedication
White Oak, Maryland
June 15, 2007


Thank you very much, Tony (Reed). Good morning, everyone.  This is a great day!

Like Administrator Doan, I, too, would like to acknowledge our important clients and partners: HHS and the FDA.

Commissioner Von Eschenbach, our teams worked hard to achieve the result we’re here to celebrate. The cooperation demonstrated throughout bodes well for the important and difficult job that lies ahead – completion of the entire FDA campus.

Let me assure you that GSA’s Public Buildings Service will be there each step of the way. GSA is one of the largest public real estate organizations in the world. Our inventory consists of some 8,600 buildings, with more than 350 million square feet of rentable space across all 50 states, six U.S. Territories, and the District of Columbia. 

We serve over 1 million federal employees at over 400 agencies and bureaus.  Our real property portfolio is driven by our customer agencies’ missions and needs while our portfolio performance is driven by a strategic approach to asset management.

My priority as PBS Commissioner is to make sure we’re living up to our mission of providing world-class workplaces to our client agencies at solid economies to the American taxpayers.

Of course every project is unique. The vital stats on the Physics and Engineering Lab here at White Oak are impressive: 145,000 gross square feet; a mix of office, conference and laboratory space; lots of natural light, and, very important – a LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) certification. GSA is committed to incorporating principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency into all of its building projects.

I won’t repeat the names of all who are responsible for the wonderful collaborative effort that got us to this point. Know, however, that I am very appreciative of your talent, diligence, and commitment.

The completion of this project indeed marks another major milestone in FDA's master plan to modernize and consolidate its operations. GSA has been proud to contribute the very high quality work environment, technology, and equipment the people of FDA need to effectively and efficiently safeguard and advance the public health.

Tremendous benefits will result for years to come from the work that will be performed here.  All of us at GSA look to the future with confidence and optimism and great anticipation of FDA’s continued success.  

Thank you very much.   



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