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GSA Survey Provides Guidance to Federal Agencies

GSA #10371

July 2, 2007
Contact:  Diane Merriett, (202) 501-1231

Washington, DC – GSA today reported the results of its 2006-2007 Government-Wide Assessment Survey (GWA Survey) of Citizen Service Activities conducted to identify how the federal government can improve customer relations and the quality of service provided to the American taxpayer. 

“Americans are increasingly turning to the web for information, questions, and comment.  Advances in web-based technology are fueling this phenomenon as citizens are more and more likely to get the results they are seeking on their own without relying on federal government staff”, said Martha Dorris, Deputy Associate Administrator for GSA's Office of Citizen Services.  “As a result, and in keeping with the President's Management Agenda, our government is working diligently to meet this increasing level of sophistication citizens expect when they have complex questions and need assistance from their government.”

The GWA Survey, conducted by GSA’s USA Services, studied more than 200 federal offices within 35 departments and agencies to understand where and how citizens interact with government agencies, and analyze the day-to-day issues agencies face in providing service to citizens. 

Survey questions sought to discover what challenges federal agencies face in providing citizens with customer service, such as decreasing budgets, adopting new technologies and increasing awareness of the services offered to citizens. 

Among the survey’s recommendations:
• Promote consolidation of citizen service activities within agencies
• Promote consolidation of data sources
• Promote professionalization of customer service
• Establish an Interagency Customer Service Work Group
• Develop customer service guidance
• Foster increased awareness of service availability

The survey, available at, is an expanded follow-up to the Budget Data Request conducted by the Office of Management and Budget in 2004. USA Services will evaluate the results to drive the development of new products and services to help agencies and their customer service professionals. 

USA Services is a Presidential E-Gov initiative residing within GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Communications.


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