Bibb Addresses Network Services Conference

Remarks By
David L. Bibb
Deputy Administrator
U.S. General Services Administration
GSA/ITS 2007 Network Services Conference
Denver, Colorado
August 7, 2007

Thank you, Karl, for that very kind introduction.

Good morning, everyone.  On behalf of GSA Administrator Lurita Loan, I’d like to welcome everyone to GSA’S 15th Network Services Conference.  This telecommunications conference is so important because it brings together GSA, our government customers and our industry partners as a single, highly focused community – the federal telecommunications community.

GSA has long sponsored this event as a forum for sharing ideas, for defining and building an understanding of common issues, and for establishing and maintaining relationships that have led to success for our agency and for our customer agencies.

Just as there has been a remarkable evolution in technology, so too has GSA changed to accommodate a federal marketplace that has become increasingly complex.  In fact, we’ve just released a new strategic plan designed to ensure that GSA not only meets, but exceeds customer’s expectations from now through 2012 and on into the future.

Our goal, clearly stated, is excellence in the business of government -- and GSA does over $60 billion per year!  To stay there and get even better, we’ll be working especially hard to increase communication and collaboration across our major service organizations, the Federal Acquisition Service – FAS – and the Public Buildings Service – PBS.  We’ve even adopted a new theme that captures our commitment to simplifying the acquisition process:  It’s easy to remember: One GSA, One Voice.

And I would like to publicly thank our GSA employees for their extraordinary commitment and achievement.  Some of those leaders are here today.  Let me introduce you to:

Barney Brasseux, Deputy Commissioner, FAS;
Barbara Shelton, Regional Administrator, Mid-Atlantic;
Jim Handley, Regional Administrator, Great Lakes Region;
And Leslie Plomondon, Regional Administrator, Rock Mountain Region.

As someone who started with GSA back in 1971 and has worked in many parts of the agency, I’m certain that our plan will lead to an organization that continues to move far beyond just filling orders, to one that can anticipate and deliver total workplace solutions.

I must tell you I’ve also seen changes over all these years that will make some of you wince.

When I started, we had:

Banks of switchboards with GSA operators.

We had large secretarial pools.

I’ve seen fiber optic lines come, coaxial cable came into use, and later wireless LANs.  I still get a little misty when I walk by those empty alcoves where the pay phone used to stand.

Such changes have of course been accompanied by challenges.  Throughout our technological revolution, the Network Services Conference has provided common ground where government and industry have come together to find ways to successfully meet the challenges facing our government and society.

As this year’s brochure points our, however; “The need to come together is stronger than ever ...”

The first goal was to get you all here, so I guess we can check that box!

The second was to get you talking about the critical issues of the day.  That’s in process.

GSA’s recently awarded Network Services contracts – Universal, Networx, Enterprise, SATCOM II, Federal Relay, and Alliant – offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to state of the art products and services.  At the same time, these new solution sets pose challenges because everyone must transition their services to the new contracts and we certainly anticipate new GSA customers coming on board, too.

So the third goal is to help all of us navigate these waters together, and to help you realize that this transition can be an opportunity for transformational change.

The many, many booths here feature the latest and greatest technologies, products, services, and solutions that will help all of us realize the art of what is possible.  I want to also direct your attention to a panel discussion by the Networx prime contract holders (at AT&T, Level 3, QWEST, Sprint, and Verizon), and several conference tracks filled with sessions on transition and our network services vehicles.

This year’s event also offers sessions on some of GSA’s other technology offerings available from the Federal Acquisition Service. For example:

E-Gov and other governmentwide I-T initiatives, like SmartBuy and the Managed Services Office for HSPD12, are featured in the Strategic Solutions track.

Information regarding I-T government-wide acquisition contracts and the I-T Multiple Award Schedule are featured in the Integrated Technology Services track.  And, the Acquisition Strategy track will help you meet post-award challenges, like overseeing Service Level Agreements and performance based contracting.

I know that you will use these three days to connect with one another, to soak up as much information as you can, and also have some fun.  This wouldn't be a GSA event if there weren’t a lighter side built into the evening schedule -- I hear that nearly 600 people have signed up for tonight’s Colorado Rockies baseball game!

So, have fun, team, network, and enjoy the conference.

We thank you so much for being here.


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