Energy Management Support and Services

The demand for energy efficiency in federal buildings is on the rise as the whole nation is striving to reduce its energy consumption. Adhering to the legislation and policy addressing energy conservation can be a challenge. The Energy Management Solutions on Schedule 03FAC provide highly qualified energy contractors that offer a full suite of services such as:  

Comprehensive Energy Management

  • A four (4) phase Comprehensive Energy Management Solution;
  • Consulting/Auditing/Energy Management Solutions;
  • Concept Development and Requirements Analysis;
  • Implementation and Change Management; and
  • Measurement and Verification.

Energy Audits and Baseline Assessments

  • Developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans;
  • Perform energy and water audit services;
  • Data collection, data analysis, benchmarking with tools such as Energy Star; and
  • Written recommendations of suggested infrastructure upgrades.

Metering and Advanced Metering Services 

  • Basic and advanced metering services;
  • Installation of metering equipment and software; and
  • Analysis of data to ensure energy conservation goals are being met.

Building Commissioning

  • Comprehensive building commissioning services on new construction;
  • Major modernization projects;
  • Existing energy consuming buildings and facilities; and
  • This includes re-commissioning and retro-commissioning services.

Energy Program Support Services

  • Bill auditing and consolidation;
  • Management oversight; and
  • Assistance in preparing energy services related agency statements of work.

Energy Management Training

  • Reducing energy consumption;
  • Mitigating risk with energy systems;
  • Operating systems efficiently; and
  • Making energy efficient system choices.

Water Conservation

  • Potable water consumption intensity;
  • Promoting, and implementing water reuse/recycling strategies in industrial, landscaping and agricultural applications;
  • Retention of water,Improvement of water quality and water flow;
  • Storm water run-off and property hydrology maintenance and restoration; and
  • Facility Water audits, water consultation, water balance and Water system analysis.

Turn-key Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Innovative approaches to renewable and/or sustainable energy, sustainability services, and energy management technology and services;
  • New developments or improvements in providing renewable energy (fuel cell) and managing energy;
  • Innovations capable of providing renewable and/or sustainable energy and services; and
  • Sustainability and carbon management solutions.

Resource Efficiency Management

  • Providing information on possible steps that will improve energy efficiency;
  • Information on estimates of cost savings and environmental benefits;
  • Onsite analysis of current operations, equipment, and energy purchasing patterns; and
  • Services of a resource efficiency advocate for individual or aggregated building(s) in order to maximize resource efficiency.

Energy Consulting Services

  • Energy management or strategy;
  • Energy program planning and evaluations;
  • Energy related studies, analyses, benchmarking and reporting such as feasibility studies, vulnerability assessments, and energy security;
  • Assistance in meeting Executive orders, and energy efficient building standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes and Energy Star.


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