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GSA Names Alterman As Head of Technology Strategy Office

GSA #10532

August  20, 2008
Contact:  Deborah K. Ruiz, (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON – A career federal technology expert is the new head of the Office of Technology Strategy at the U.S. General Services Administration as part of the agency’s Office of Governmentwide Policy.  GSA announced the selection of Dr. Peter Alterman today as the office’s Deputy Associate Administrator (DAA).

Dr. Alterman will help to develop the policy for adoption of common business approaches, architectures and innovative technologies and accessibility of government information and services in his new role as part of GSA’s leadership team. 

Additionally, he will be responsible for creating opportunities for intergovernmental and public-private collaboration, to ensure the development of an integrated policy and technical infrastructure for the government’s use of information technology by working closely with the Office of Management and Budget.  

Most recently, Dr. Alterman served as the Assistant Chief Information Officer for Electronic Authentication at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a position he's held since 2003.  Additionally, Dr. Alterman previously served as the Chair of the U.S. Federal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Policy Authority. He continues to serve on government and industry electronic identity management committees and working groups. 

Dr. Alterman has been actively involved in Internet technology since serving on the Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee in 1989.  A 2002 recipient of the E-Gov Pioneer Award and the Management and Leadership Best Practice Award for the NIH-Educause PKI Interoperability Project, he also received a special recognition award from the E-Authentication Partnership for his work on Levels of Assurance determination in 2005.  In addition, he is also a 2008 recipient of the NIH Merit Award and the NIH Director’s award for pioneering work on interfederated identity authentication. 

A graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Dr. Alterman holds a master’s degree from Adelphi University. He received a doctorate from the University of Denver in 1974.

A native of New York, he lives with his wife, Dr. Virginia Cain, and daughter in Potomac, Maryland.


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Did You Know? In December 1995, GSA created its Office of Governmentwide Policy to consolidate its policy functions into a single organization.

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