Citizen Services Cost Calculator

Whether your agency is thinking about a new call center or wants to expand an existing program, the Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies cost calculator provides supporting business information and cost analysis to help you plan your next steps.

The GSA Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies developed the software, working with 10 federal agency partners and the MITRE Corp. of McLean, Virginia -- a nonprofit, federally funded research and development center.

The cost calculator:

  • Allows you to estimate the expenditures required to establish and operate contact centers that meet citizen expectations for timely, accurate, and consistent responses.
  • Is designed to save you time and money outlining and estimating all support costs involved in running a call or contact center.
  • Allows the user to create "what if" scenarios to compare options and costs for adding services or contracting out operations using our USA Contact contract.

The calculator doesn't require major knowledge of contact center technologies. The model uses the choices and data you provide to calculate the overall contact center costs such as work force, hardware, software, telecommunications, facility costs, and the initial and recurring costs.

Copies of our latest calculator (Version 2.5) are available for free to all government agencies. To obtain a copy, contact Barbara Walton at (202) 208-0568 or via email at

Last Reviewed 2016-01-25