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Bill Guerin Named PBS GSA Recovery Executive

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March 23, 2009
Contact: Maryanne Beatty, (202) 501-1231                     


WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced today that Bill Guerin will head a new Recovery Act Program Management Office.

Currently serving as the Assistant Commissioner for Construction for GSA’s Public Buildings Service, Guerin is responsible for the delivery of GSA’s more than $1 billion per year capital investment program, focused on the design and construction of federal buildings, land ports of entry, courthouses and other construction projects for the nation’s landlord. Guerin has a long career with GSA, working in many design and construction related posts as the Deputy Director of Property Development in GSA’s Pacific Rim Region, Director of the Courthouse Management Group and Director of Program Management in the Office of the Chief Architect, and Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator in the National Capital Region.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes about $5.5 billion for building projects. In addition, GSA will play a prominent role in advancing the goals of the legislation through its pre-existing contracts and energy-efficient product offerings. “GSA is in terrific position to connect agencies with cost-effective, high-quality and environmentally friendly commercial products and services,” said Acting Administrator Paul F. Prouty. “We are thrilled by this unique opportunity to be a part of the solution to our nation’s economic crisis.”

GSA’s Public Buildings Service is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of thousands of federally owned facilities for more than 1 million civilian government employees at 60 different agencies.  The nationally managed, regionally executed GSA Recovery Program Management Office is dedicated to the Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects.  The office will be staffed with experts in various fields to support the regional teams delivering the projects. The Recovery Act directs $750 million to renovate and construct federal buildings and courthouses, $300 million to renovate and construct land ports of entry and $4.5 billion to convert federal buildings to high-performance green buildings.

“We can help get people back to work,” said Anthony Costa, Acting Commissioner of GSA’s Public Buildings Service. “We can help stimulate the economy by getting money flowing to the building industries – to construction workers, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning mechanics, carpenters, architects, and engineers.”  By creating jobs, GSA is contributing to one of the major objectives of the act.


GSA provides a centralized delivery system of products and services to the federal government, leveraging its enormous buying power to get the best value for taxpayers.

• Founded in 1949, GSA manages more than one-fourth of the government’s total procurement dollars and influences the management of $500 billion in federal assets, including 8,600 government-owned or leased buildings and 213,000 vehicles.

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