Design Services Statement of Work Template

When an agency is working on a furniture purchase, relocation, or reconfiguration, the services of a professional design team are often needed. GSA developed a Statement of Work (SOW) template to assist agencies in requesting quotes, selecting a design firm, and placing a task order under GSA's Multiple Award Schedule for Comprehensive Furniture Management Services Schedule, FSC 71, Part II, Section K.

Included with the template are instructions and a questionnaire designed to help agencies identify the scope of services needed. Particularly intended for projects that involve purchases of new furniture, the SOW template emphasizes the requirement for design firms to develop specifications that can be used to conduct a competitive furniture procurement.

For more references, check out our new Statement of Work Library. This library provides close to 50 actual examples of Statements of Work across three functional categories, including Human Capital, Operations Support and Organizational Support. These successfully implemented Statements of Work are continually being updated with the newest examples provided by industry.

Last Reviewed 2017-05-01