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GSA Invests $1 Billion in Recovery Act Construction Projects Nationwide

GSA Projects Will Yield Higher-Performing, Money-Saving, Greener Federal Buildings

GSA # 10614

July 30, 2009
Contact: MaryAnne Beatty, (202) 501-1231

WASHINGTON — The U.S. General Services Administration marked a major milestone in its implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act today, as it brought its total investments in construction projects to date to more than $1 billion.

“Given the intent of the Recovery Act to stimulate the economy and put people back to work, we set a very aggressive goal to obligate our first $1 billion by the end of July,” said GSA Acting Administrator Paul Prouty. “With that goal met, our focus now is to continue to get shovels in the ground as quickly as possible.”
GSA was appropriated $5.5 billion under the Recovery Act to convert federal buildings into high-performance green buildings and build new energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry.

“These projects will modernize our nation’s infrastructure and save taxpayer dollars by reducing the federal government’s consumption of energy and water, and increase our use of clean and renewable sources of energy,” Prouty added.

“Through our use of state-of-the-art green technologies, our construction projects are creating jobs in traditional construction sectors and in emerging green industries,” said GSA Acting Commissioner of Public Buildings Anthony Costa. “We’re driving growth and innovation that will ensure American leadership in the new energy economy of the future.”

GSA’s first $1 billion in Recovery Act investments is funding projects at 120 buildings across the country. For example, in Austin, Texas, GSA is designing and building a new courthouse which will meet both the future needs of the courts as well as security requirements. In Otay Mesa, Cal., GSA is developing a Land Port of Entry that will accommodate better commercial traffic flow, and have new primary inspection booths as well as office and processing areas. And in Boston, Mass., GSA is improving energy performance while enhancing security at the John F. Kennedy Federal Building by installing energy efficient, blast resistant windows surrounded by improved insulation.

GSA will obligate its remaining $4.5 billion in Recovery Act construction funds by September 30, 2011.  Prouty noted that contract bids are coming in, on average, approximately 8 - 10 percent lower than expected, allowing GSA to fund additional high performance features in existing projects, and using existing criteria, consider funding additional projects with the goal of continuing to stimulate the real estate, construction, and manufacturing sectors of the economy.

The following is the list of GSA federal buildings and projects for which construction contracts have been awarded.

 AR, Little Rock U.S. Courthouse (escalation)  $6,950,000
 AZ, Nogales West U.S. Land Port of Entry  $998,495
 CA, Bakersfield U.S. Courthouse  $80,441
 CA, Los Angeles 300 North LA Federal Building  $13,689,206
 CA, Otay Mesa U.S. Land Port of Entry  $16,004,898
 CO, Boulder David Skaggs Research Center  $114,127
 CO, Denver Byron White US Courthouse  $80,977
 CO, Denver Byron Rogers Federal Building  $130,845
 CO, Fort Collins Federal Building-Post Office  $36,600
 CO, Lakewood Denver Federal Center Infrastructure  $47,653,116
 CO, Lakewood DFC - Multiple Buildings  $208,213
 CT, Bridgeport Brien McMahon US Courthouse  $27,685
 CT, New Haven Robert N Giaimo Federal Building  $29,743
 DC, Washington 1800 F Street Building (Phase 1)  $276,824 
 DC, Washington DHS Consolidation and Development of St.  Elizabeths Campus  $834,254
 DC, Washington Herbert Hoover Building (Phase II and III)  $157,549,534
 DC, Washington Lafayette (Phase I)   $1,262,114
 DC, Washington Mary Switzer (Phase 1)  $43,414,000
 DC, Washington St. Elizabeths West Campus Infrastructure  $7,479,166
 DC, Washington Truman Building  $3,770,651
 DE, Wilmington J. Caleb Boggs Courthouse Federal Building  $10,918
 FL, Orlando, Young U.S. Courthouse   $35,000,000
 FL, Tampa Sam M. Gibbons U.S. Courthouse (escalation)   $13,590,182
 HI, Hilo Federal Building (Escalation)  $5,339,603
 HI, Honolulu Prince Kuhio Kanaianaole Federal Building-Courthouse (Phase I)  $22,707,712
 IA, Des Moines Neal Smith Federal Building  $102,392
 IA, Sioux City Federal  Building & US Courthouse  $83,686
 IL, Chicago 536 S. Clark Street Federal Building  $2,461,717
 IL, Chicago Chicago Federal Center  $49,423
 IL, Chicago Customhouse  $158,352
 IL, Chicago Federal Center  $2,606,709
 IL, Chicago Kluczynski Federal Building & U.S. Postal Service Loop Station   $10,490,423
 IL, Chicago Metcalfe Building  $256,988
 IL, Chicago State Street South - 10 West Jackson  $1,657,493
 IL, Urbana U.S. Courthouse  $104,951
 IN, Hammond U.S. Courthouse   $190,927
 IN, Indianapolis Birch Bayh US Courthouse  $56,638,939
 IN, Indianapolis Major General Emmett J. Bean (Phase I - PV and Design)    $5,138,198
IN, Indianapolis Minton-Capehart  Federal Building   $47,068,424
 KS, Kansas City Robert J. Dole US Courthouse  $209,665
 KS, Wichita US Courthouse  $4,155,083
 MA, Andover IRS Service Center  $61,916,565
 MA, Boston JFK Federal Building  $199,483
 MA, Boston O'Neil Federal Building  $50,191
 MD, Woodlawn, CMS Headquarters Complex  $77,814
 ME, Bangor Margaret Chase Smith U.S. Post Office Courthouse  $3,203,338
 ME, Calais U.S. Land Port of Entry (escalation)   $3,874,803
 ME, Van Buren U.S. Land Port of Entry  $257,818
 ME, Portland Edward T. Gignoux Courthouse  $48,222
 MI, Ann Arbor Federal Building  $156,045
 MI, Detroit McNamara Federal Building Complex  $3,300,000
 MI, Detroit Rosa Parks Federal Building  $56,474
 MI, Detroit Theodore Levin US Courthouse  $155,527
 MI, Grand Rapids G R Ford Federal & Courthouse  $92,950
 MI, Lansing Charles Chamberlain  $79,754
 MI, Sault Ste Marie US Border Station  $79,032
 MN, Fort Snelling Whipple Federal Building  $8,668,174
 MN, Minneapolis US Courthouse  $247,224
 MO, Kansas City 8930 Ward Parkway  $153,127
 MO, St Louis Thomas Eagleton US Courthouse  $3,377,863
 MO, St. Louis Goodfellow Federal Complex  $8,317,000
 MO, St. Louis Robert Young Federal Building  $164,200
 MS, Jackson McCoy Federal Building  $64,943,258
 MS, Jackson U.S. Courthouse (escalation)  $830,937
 MT, Billings U.S. Courthouse   $3,072,839
 MT, Bozeman Federal Building-Post Office Bozeman  $29,099
 ND, Bismark William L. Guy Federal Building - Post Office - Courthouse   $44,684
 ND, Fargo Federal Building-Courthouse  $31,811
 ND, Fargo Federal Building-Post Office   $42,962
 NE, North Platte Federal Building  $5,477,822
 NE, Omaha Edward Zorinski Federal  Building  $20,811
 NE, Omaha Hruska Courthouse  $566
 NH, Concord Warren B. Rudman US Courthouse  $49,530
 NJ, Newark, Peter Rodino Federal Building  $3,450,792
 NM, Columbus U.S. Land Port of Entry   $2,390,352
 NY, Brooklyn Emanuel Celler US Courthouse  $4,652,250
 NY, Brooklyn General Post Office   $58,437,699
 NY, New York Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse (escalation)  $64,000,000
 OH, Cincinnati Potter Stewart US Courthouse  $161,828
 OH, Cincinnati, John W. Peck Federal Building   $218,477
 OH, Cleveland Carl B Stokes U.S. Courthouse  $167,477
 OH, Cleveland Metzenbaum US Courthouse  $94,350
 OH, Columbus Kinneary US Courthouse  $465,450
 OH, Dayton Federal Building & US Courthouse   $1,464,782
 OH, Youngstown Nathaniel R. Jones Federal Building  $50,948
 OH, Youngstown Thomas D Lambros Federal Office Building  $98,503
 OK, Tulsa US Courthouse  $2,699,903
 OR, Baker David J. Wheeler Federal Building  $116,950
 OR, Portland BPA Building  $234,849
 OR, Portland Edith Green-Wyndell Wyatt Federal Building   $1,500,000
 PA,  Philadelphia Veterans Administration Center  $4,928,006
 PA, Philadelphia Byrne-Green Complex   $130,878
 PA, Philadelphia US Customhouse   $1,585,333
 PR, San Juan FBI Field Office Consolidation  $1,081,971
 RI, Providence Federal Bldg US Courthouse   $25,085
 RI, Providence J O Pastore FB US Post Office  $21,616
 SD, Rapid City Federal Building-Courthouse  $30,260
 TX, Austin U.S. Courthouse  $106,811,306
 TX, Galveston US Post Office and Courthouse  $368,111
 TX, Houston G.T. Leland Federal Building  $403,645
 TX, San Antonio Hippolito Garcia U.S. Courthouse   $37,257,286
 UT, Ogden IRS Service Center  $134,898
 UT, Salt Lake City Wallace F Bennett Federal Building  $125,579
 VA, Richmond Robert Merhige US Courthouse  $53,369
 VA, Roanoke, Poff Federal Building  $525,868
 VT, Burlington Federal Bldg US Post Office Courthouse  $43,205
 WA, Auburn GSA Auburn Warehouse  $99,653
 WA, Blaine Peace Arch U.S. Land Port of Entry (escalation)  $26,284,708
 WA, Richland Fed Bldg U.S. Post Office & Courthouse  $166,121
 WA, Seattle Jackson Federal Building  $812,952
 WA, Spokane Fed Bldg U.S. Post Office  $129,477
 WA, Spokane Foley U.S. Courthouse  $558,702
 WI, Madison US Courthouse  $100,740
 WI, Milwaukee Fed Building & U.S. Courthouse   $114,565
 WV, Charleston Robert C. Byrd FB & Courthouse  $192,586
 WV, Huntington Federal Building   $107,871
 WV, Martinsburg 244 Needy Road  $126,453
 WY, Cheyenne Joseph C O'Mahoney Federal Center   $70,421
 Nationwide Building Operations  $9,270,226
 Total  $1,059,228,516



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