Fine Art's Program Library

Care and Maintenance

 Name  Format  Size  Publish Date
 Care and Maintenance Part I: Introduction  PDF  349k  6/1/2005
 Care and Maintenance Part I: Paintings  PDF  291k  
 Care and Maintenance Part II: Sculpture  PDF  506k  
 Care and Maintenance Part III: Textiles  PDF  359k  
 Care and Maintenance Part IV: Architectural Arts  PDF  605k  
 Care and Maintenance Part V: Appendix  PDF  119k  

Department of Justice Building, Washington, DC

 Name  Format  Size
 "Activities of the Department of Justice" by Louis Bouche  PDF  899k
 "Society Freed Through Justice" by George Biddle  PDF  1695k
 Law vs Mob Rule by John Steuart Curry  PDF  132k
 Majesty and Spirit of Justice by Carl Paul Jennewein  PDF  124k
 "Law Versus Mob Rule" and "Justice and the Plains" by John Steuart Curry and "The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water" by Carl Paul Jennewein  PDF  939k

Education and Outreach

 Name  Format  Size
 "History of Florida" by Edward "Buk" Ulreich  PDF  433k
 An Oklahoma Tribute  PDF  1933k
 Justice as Protector by Stefan Hirsch  PDF  125k
 Justice by Leo Friedlander  PDF  113k
 Jurisprudence by Daniel C. French  PDF  138k
 Lens Ceiling by James Carpenter  PDF  1184k
 Nemesis by Thomas Gilbert White  PDF  105k
 One Nation Under Law by Lincoln Perry  PDF  130k
 The Law by Edwin Blashfield  PDF  95k
 The Murals at the Ariel Rios Federal Building  PDF  8331k
 Howard M. Metzenbaum United States Courthouse, Cleveland, Ohio  PDF  3929k
 Cleveland Venus by Jim Dine  PDF  2770k
 U.S. Courthouse, Erie, Pennsylvania  PDF  1922k

Policies and Procedures

 Name  Format  Size
 Fine Arts Collection Policies and Procedures  PDF  539k
Last Reviewed 2016-06-21