Evaluating the Workplace

As part of WorkPlace 20·20 – a research and development program begun in 2002 that sought to rethink work settings to better suit the modern workplace – GSA developed a variety of tools for assessing the workplace both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Occupant Satisfaction: Web-based surveys allow employees to provide feedback on how well the workplace supports their work, how well the workplace aligns with the image the organization wants to project, and how satisfied they are with the quality of the indoor environment.
  • Image Tool: GSA developed tools and a process to characterize the current image of a workplace, assess consistency with the organization’s desired image, and highlight strategic opportunities for aligning the image of the office to improve organizational performance.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Physical measures provide an objective “snapshot” of the office environment by measuring indoor air, lighting, thermal, and acoustical conditions.

These tools have been incorporated into the Requirements Development Process used by the Total Workplace PMO at GSA. More information, including project reports and publications, can be found on the Workplace Effectiveness Research Publications page.

Last Reviewed 2016-09-14