Building Performance Research Publications

  • "Chicago PBS Renovation Project Post Occupancy Evaluation Report" (GSA, February 2008)
    In late 2002, the Great Lakes Region of GSA’s Public Buildings Service became the first organization to participate in GSA’s WorkPlace 20•20 program, which aligns a workplace redesign with a customer’s overall mission and organizational goals. This Post Occupancy Evaluation evaluates the project’s success in meeting its original goals.
  • "Energy Savings and Performance Gains in GSA Buildings: Seven Cost-Effective Strategies" (GSA, March 2009)
    The GSA Workplace Performance Study surveyed over 6,000 federal workers and measured environmental conditions at 624 workstations in 22 separate buildings, evaluating everything from technical attributes of building systems to air quality to end user satisfaction. Based on the research, seven strategies were recommended for saving energy and increasing end user satisfaction.
  • "Assessing Green Building Performance: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of 12 GSA Buildings" Full Report (GSA / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, July 2008)
    The intent of this whole building performance measurement analysis is to discover how GSA might better understand how its sustainably designed buildings are performing relative to traditionally designed buildings. Ideally, this information will be used to gain perspective, inform design and construction, and advance operation of GSA's buildings portfolio.

    This study compares measured whole building performance for 12 GSA buildings to industry-standard performance of energy, water, maintenance and operations, waste, recycling, transportation, and occupant satisfaction metrics.
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