Operations and Facilities Management Research Publications

  • "Quick Start Guide to Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency" (GSA / U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program, October 2008).
    The result of a collaboration with GSA’s Heartland Region, the Department of Energy, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the guide shares ideas for reducing energy in data centers. If all agencies implement what the EPA considers the state-of-the-art, the federal government could lower overall data center power usage to 2001 levels by 2011 – instead of doubling it. Property managers, architects, engineers, space planners, IT, and even end users can all benefit from this information.

  • "Achieving Energy Savings with Highly-Controlled Lighting in an Open-Plan Office" Report (GSA / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, April 2010). This report summarizes findings from a pilot lighting installation in the Phillip Burton Federal Building that tested the effectiveness of a highly-controlled, workstation-specific lighting retrofit. Field measurements demonstrated 40% lighting energy savings, and an occupant survey found that occupants in general preferred the lighting system to the baseline.

  • "Saving Energy with Highly-Controlled Lighting in an Open-Plan Office" Technical Paper (GSA / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2010)

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